Why Choose Frozen Fire?

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Why Choose Frozen Fire?

There’s no reason to beat around the bush with analogies or anecdotes. If you’re looking at this blog, it’s because you’re in the process of choosing a marketing agency, video production company, or website development team for your business.

And apparently, Frozen Fire is in the running, or else you wouldn’t be here.

We understand that placing your trust (and money) in someone else’s hands can be nerve-wracking, but we’re here to quell those anxiety-fueled worries.

So, why should you choose Frozen Fire over another marketing agency?

We Do What We Say We’re Going to Do

We really cannot be much clearer than that. At Frozen Fire, communication is one of our strong suits. When we tell you we’re going to do something, we do it. Plus, we’re just easy to talk to.

It all starts at the beginning of our relationship, and you may have even experienced this for yourself already.

When someone fills out an inquiry form on our website, we call back in minutes or less. Most of the time, people are surprised to hear back from us so promptly. Trust us, when we say we’re quick, we mean it. We work with a sense of urgency and great attention to detail, because the faster we get our work done, the more we can accomplish for your business.

You can rely on us for more than simple accessibility; our communication style is also transparent, honest, and friendly. We promise we won’t lead you on goose chases, leave you hanging for weeks on end, or ignore your phone calls because we’re having a particularly busy day.

There’s no hiding and no taking advantage. We hold ourselves accountable, but more importantly, we hold ourselves accountable to you. When you need us, we’re here. No matter what.

Our Common-Sense Marketing Efforts are Fueled by Results

When we present you with a customized marketing strategy, rest easy that this plan derives from our history of generating business successes for our clients. There’s no random acts of marketing here; everything we do serves a purpose. We keep it simple and straightforward.

We don’t even offer any pre-packaged marketing solutions (unless you really, really want one), because we understand the reality of digital marketing in today’s business world. While we use similar tools from strategy to strategy, like social media, email, and video, the application and method with which we utilize these tools varies.

What works for one business does not necessarily or automatically work for another. Your business is unique, just like the marketing strategy we’ll create and implement on your behalf.

We Work with You, So We Can Work for You

This goes back to our love for clear-cut, honest communication. In order for us to provide the best marketing services we can, we hope for some input on your end. The better our collaborative efforts, the greater success you can expect from our marketing strategy.

When you work with Frozen Fire, you don’t have to sign a year-long contract. Rather than holding you hostage, we’ll prove our worth with our actions throughout our preferred month-to-month partnership. We hope to start long-term relationships built on trust and collaboration.

Our Team Members Truly Care About Your Successes

On all three sides of our business – marketing, video production, and web development – our experienced team members take ownership of their work. We’re empowered to do whatever we think is best, without gratuitous oversight to hinder and slow our decision-making. This allows our creativity to thrive, and speeds up our marketing efforts as well.

Analytics and Reporting Take Center Stage

What’s the point in designing a website from the ground up, sharing a video, or sending out an email blast if you have no idea whether or not anything positive happened afterwards? As we mentioned before, our strategic marketing efforts are based on results.

Every other month, we deliver our clients a benchmark report showing the results of our marketing efforts. You will be able to see exactly how what we are doing in our office benefits what happens in yours.

In addition to reporting, we also perform monthly website audits to confirm all links, buttons, and online forms are functioning properly, as well as testing page load speeds, checking for malware, and more. Why? The reasoning is similar to why we provide monthly benchmarks. What’s the point of designing a website if you don’t ensure that it continues to operate at 100%?

We Have Everything You Need in One Place

Frozen Fire began as a video production agency in 1999 and evolved into a full-fledged marketing agency in 2007. When you choose to work with us, you get more than your average marketing company can provide.

You will have access to photographers, videographers, graphic designers, SEO experts, copywriters, producers, web developers, social media marketers, digital strategists, and more. We all work together to create a well-rounded, comprehensive strategy that communicates your message in the best way possible.

If there’s something else you might need, we’ll figure out a way to get that done for you too.

If you partner with another marketing agency and you want a video created, you will either need to find another company entirely (starting this process over again – who has the time?) or trust that this other agency has connections with a respectable, reputable video production agency. With us, these problems never arise.

Need work done on your website? (Need a new website? We build those, too.) No problem, give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll get your site updated ASAP. No more waiting days, or even weeks, to finally have Joe Schmoe removed from your site’s team page after they unexpectedly left the company.

Whether we’re implementing your marketing strategy, producing video or working on your website, you can rely on us to put in 100% every day. 

We’re Ready to Get Started, Are You? 

Have we convinced you yet? If we have, contact us today. We think it’s just about time we took our relationship to the next level.



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