Who We Are

A lot of people ask us what Frozen Fire means. Sure, it may seem like a contradiction – an oxymoron, even. But we know it’s a keen metaphor for what we’re all about.

When clients reach out to us, their business may be doing ok, but their online presence has been neglected. It hasn’t kept pace with their business development or the competitive landscape. It has become frozen, static, void of color and flair. Most importantly, it no longer engages clients or prospects the way it should.

Since 2007, Frozen Fire has had one mission – to reignite your online presence, set it on fire and stoke the flames that drive prospects to your site and deliver highly qualified revenue.


That’s our mantra at Frozen Fire. We work in a friendly and collaborative manner with you and your team. Above everything, we value our relationships with the people who trust us to solve the business problems that keep them awake at night or away from their families. You won’t encounter big egos or a lot of marketing speak with us – just common sense and down-to-earth strategies designed to fit your business’ needs – along with honest, hard work to make them truly effective.


Here at Frozen Fire, we are always seeking new opportunities made through doing what we love, what we are good at and what brings value to the business. This quest for growth has been displayed again and again by our leadership through the years. Brad Davis, our CEO, and Brandy Davis, our Director of Client Relations, are now spear heading the expansion of Frozen Fire into the Colorado market, while, Frozen Fire’s President, Mindi Long continues to lead and manage all day to day operations of the business.

Mindi’s relationships with clients, marketing expertise, and reach in the Texas market have strengthened Frozen Fire’s position in the digital marketing and video production industries through the years. Brad and Brandy both grew up in the Dallas area and were able to utilize their relationships in the growth of Frozen Fire in the Texas market. While putting down roots and relocating to Idaho Springs and through their continuous work in Colorado over the past several years, they have developed similar relationships to bring success and development in a new part of the country.

The expansion of Frozen Fire into a new market has taken place deliberately and gradually. While our Dallas location continues to serve our clients nationwide and remains as the Frozen Fire corporate office, we are excited about the opportunities that come with having a second location and the benefits that brings to not only the Colorado market but for our entire team as well.

The combination of our Dallas roots and the expansion to Colorado is a valuable connection, as a large proportion of Colorado tourists are from Texas. Our knowledge of the Texas market aids in our marketing efforts within Colorado and our philosophies to help our clients continue to grow their business remains universal and are seeing success across the board with this transition.






    Mindi will be the first to tell you that long-lasting relationships are very important to her—both in her professional and her private life. It’s a refreshing point of view in a fast-paced world where a growing number of things seem temporary. Brad Davis, Frozen Fire’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, was immediately struck by Mindi’s calm, capable and committed demeanor almost 20 years ago—and he hired her on the spot. Mindi has worked alongside Brad ever since. “We are a good team,” she admits. “My strengths complement Brad’s.” Over the years, Mindi has amassed a wealth of knowledge that has made her Frozen Fire’s go-to person—you know, the one who knows everything, has all the answers and often fills whatever gaps need to be filled. Mindi’s relationship-centric approach is focused on Frozen Fire clients and its employees. A self-described overachiever and perfectionist, she ensures client relationships get off to a great start while overseeing Frozen Fire’s day-to-day operations and the flawless execution of each project. “I like to instill confidence in our clients. It’s important that they always know we will handle every aspect of their project with confidence and care,” she says.

  • Mary Kate Kemp

    Chief Business Officer

    Mary Kate Kemp

    Chief Business Officer

    Mary Kate started her career at Frozen Fire in 2014 with a production internship during her time as a journalism and advertising student at the University of Arkansas. She quickly picked up the marketing side of the business after graduating and taking on a Marketing Coordinator position with the company. Since then, she hasn’t been able to get enough of the fast-paced, dedicated team and learning environment at Frozen Fire.

    From project-managing marketing accounts, to developing and executing strategy and programming, to business development and more, Mary Kate has practiced several facets of marketing and business management throughout her career. We’ve witnessed this diverse skill set contribute to tremendous improvements in online engagement and overall brand perception for a diverse range of companies. She’s seen first-hand the value that effective communication, efficient use of time, attention to detail, and relationship-nurturing can bring to a business and its clientele.

    By putting people first, she’s been able to use her problem-solving and relationship-building skills to develop custom solutions for her clients. This passion for people has not only driven her career, but also driven her involvement in the communities she serves. She likes to “Leave things better than how you found them,” and takes this motto to heart every day in her work and personal life. Mary Kate is excited to use these tactics and passions in her role as Chief Business Officer to take Frozen Fire’s clients to the next level.


    Client Support Specialist


    Client Support Specialist

    If it hadn’t been for some soul searching, Jordan may have been wearing a white coat and filling your prescriptions at CVS. While his parents thought being a pharmacist was a good career choice, Jordan knew he had to pursue his real loves—video and photography. The radio and film department at Texas A&M Commerce turned out to be a good fit. “I worked on the weekly news program,” he says. “I really enjoyed going out and getting stories.” An internship brought him to Frozen Fire and affirmed his career choice as a visual storyteller. “I like telling client stories because they don’t know how,” he admits. “I like to think about the meaning that needs to be conveyed, the purpose of the video, how it’s going to help them in the future. I like finding the perfect kind of music, the perfect shots.” Jordan was delighted when his skills and dedication earned him a full-time position with the company. With hundreds of productions now under his belt, he’s also become something of a social media savant, creating content for a variety of clients. ”When you come to Frozen Fire, you know that we’re going to do our best—whether it’s a video, photography shoot or social media campaign—to achieve your goals. We’re not just about making money. We’re about making money for you.”

  • Tori Hall

    Account Manager

    Tori Hall

    Account Manager

    Tori has always loved words, whether she’s writing them or reading them. This passion has allowed her to effectively articulate and communicate a brand’s message. After graduating from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Advertising & Public Relations, Tori turned to her passion—digital marketing. Tori has been with Frozen Fire since August 2018 and currently works as an Account Manager.

    Tori lives by the Golden Rule and strives to do at least one thing each day that makes the lives of her clients or coworkers easier. Her personal mantra is to “think smarter, not harder,” which is exemplified by her drive to optimize processes and to make the biggest impact in the smallest amount of time.

    Tori wants to change the way the marketing game is played, starting with an innovative mindset and a strategic vision.

  • Ryan Leen

    Account Manager

    Ryan Leen

    Account Manager

    With a background in filmmaking and video editing, Ryan joins the Frozen Fire team with a fresh perspective and holistic view on video and digital marketing. His hands-on experience has given him insight into each step of the process, allowing him to best communicate goals and needs to the team.

    Leading full productions and campaigns throughout his Notre Dame undergraduate career and beyond, Ryan has always put storytelling at the forefront of his work. While his passion and creativity for storytelling was strong, Ryan moved into the marketing realm with the desire to lead and support clients as they tell their own stories and pursue their dreams.

    As a Frozen Fire Account Manager, Ryan works to continue on this path with a new, vibrant team. He strives for continuous self-improvement and to better understand how his team members work their best in order to set them up for maximum success and client satisfaction.

    Ryan believes that kindness, respect, and a positive attitude will go a long way towards establishing strong relationships with clients and colleagues and towards fostering a creative work environment in which the team can thrive. With those values in mind, Ryan is eager and excited to lead the team towards continued and increased success in the years to come!​

  • Allison Doepfner

    Account Manager

    Allison Doepfner

    Account Manager

    Allison learned early on the power deliberately chosen words and imaginative visuals have in a brand’s marketing strategy. She loves the process of selecting those words and creating those eye-catching graphics. While earning her degree in Marketing from the University of Arkansas, Allison discovered her love for digital marketing–especially social media and blog writing. Allison is excited to utilize her creative communication style to effectively promote each client’s brand.

  • Laura Bonser

    Account Manager

    Laura Bonser

    Account Manager

    Laura Kate has always possessed a creative edge and a keen eye for design. While pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications from Oklahoma State University, she discovered digital marketing to be an effective outlet for her desire to create powerful written and visual messages. Laura Kate is motivated and eager to optimize each client’s marketing strategy and bring a fresh perspective to their online presence.

  • Jacqueline Putegnat

    Content Creator

    Jacqueline Putegnat

    Content Creator

    Jacqueline always had a knack for customer service and writing, which naturally led her to pursue an education in communications. While at Southern Methodist University, she discovered another passion of hers in film and media arts. Graduating with dual degrees in public relations and film, she wanted to find a way to innovatively serve clients in both of these areas. At Frozen Fire, she is able to ignite her creative flame through effective marketing and video strategy. She leaves no stone unturned in helping each brand tell their story memorably and excel in their online presence artfully.

  • Abby Sowder

    Assistant Account Manager

    Abby Sowder

    Assistant Account Manager

    For as long as Abby can remember, she has loved telling stories through writing. This passion lead her to earn a degree in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations from Baylor University, where she gained experience in telling stories on the behalf of different organizations. Helping clients put their best foot forward by creating engaging blogs and social media posts is Abby’s specialty. After starting as a Marketing Intern, she rejoins the Frozen Fire team as an Assistant Account Manager with great excitement to deliver effective digital marketing strategy coupled with a sincere desire to see clients thrive.

  • Kaylee Brister

    Assistant Account Manager

    Kaylee Brister

    Assistant Account Manager

    Kaylee has always had a passion for storytelling. When she was in elementary school, she’d spend her free time writing and illustrating “books” made of stapled legal paper. She’d also beg her parents to take her to bookstores on vacation instead of souvenir shops or toy stores.

    Kaylee chose to pursue a degree in Strategic Communications at Oklahoma State University so she could develop her passion for writing and creating. While studying at OSU, Kaylee discovered she loves telling stories for brands through social media management, blog writing and digital marketing.

    Kaylee is excited to help brands articulate their unique stories through marketing strategies.


    Videographer, Photographer & Editor


    Videographer, Photographer & Editor

    Growing up as an only child, films were Trae’s best friends. “I always loved the epicness of film and its magic. I would reenact everything with my Batman action figures and dream,” he admits. “I ended up on a college film set one summer and fell in love with the process and the behind-the-scenes aspect of film.” It’s no surprise that Trae ended up as a film major at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas. An internship brought him to Frozen Fire, and he frequently partnered with the company on projects while he ran his own freelance business following graduation in 2010. He joined Frozen Fire full time in 2013. “I enjoy being able to express myself creatively—being able to work with a creative team and share the day with people who are also creative.” Trae especially likes using his creative powers of persuasion to craft compelling stories for clients. “While I may not relate to a certain product itself, I do relate to emotions so I try to relate that emotion to the audience. I like making people feel a certain way with music and imagery—creating an experience. Suddenly, it’s not just a widget anymore, it’s big as life—it’s become something you really need or enjoy.” “At Frozen Fire, we put a tremendous amount of effort into giving the client what they need—which means giving them what they want and stuff they didn’t even know they needed. We take them to a new level where it’s not just about money. I don’t like working for money. I like working to make a difference.”


    Motion Graphic Artist


    Motion Graphic Artist

    Wilson Hoang has known since as early as the 3rd grade that he had a future in the creative industry, especially when his teacher recommended to his parents that he enroll in the after school arts program. Later, in high school, Wilson fell in love with films and the production process. At the end of a movie, he would intently watch the credits, imagining one day his name added to the list. Excited to pursue his dream, Wilson went on to study film at UT-Arlington, where he found a pension for motion graphics. “If you wanted to film an airplane scene for a movie, you have to spend a lot on permits, crew, and actors. In motion graphics, you can create your own world. I realized how much power color, shape, movement, and texture could affect the viewer’s emotions.” During his senior year, Wilson interned at Frozen Fire. He calls it his first real world experience working in video production. “I saw professionalism and passion in the entire staff and knew one day I wanted to be a part of it.” After graduating university, Wilson worked at a TV station. It was there he learned more of the business and marketing side of the work, as opposed to production and content creation. “I gained so much experience working one-on-one with different companies and brands that all had different needs. There’s no greater feeling when the client finally watches the video you created for them and they love it.” Wilson has found his way back to Frozen Fire after many years. “To see how the company has grown since my intern days truly shows the passion it has for their clients’ success.”




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