What is Content Marketing?

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and online distribution of educational, informative content delivered as a means of converting online information seekers into customers and current customers into repeat buyers. Content is text, images, and video. The goal of content marketing is to engage “real-life” consumers and to engage search engines — since the search engines are key drivers in how humans ultimately gain access to your information and your services.

Therefore, content marketing should be written to address the following needs: engage consumers with informative, relevant information and industry news, and engage search engines with strategically placed keywords within content that is relevant to highly searched phrases such as “what is content marketing” or “understanding content marketing.”

Another important goal of content marketing is the ongoing accumulation of opt-in permission to deliver content via email or other social media. Consistent exposure to a company’s content builds loyalty and increases opportunities for consumers of information to convert to consumers of services and goods.

Pull, Don’t Push

Content marketing should be written from the perspective of “pull” marketing. Pull marketing is a marketing strategy that provides information consumers are already seeking.

Push marketing is more “advertorial” or interruptive such as television commercials, radio sponsorships, or direct mail campaigns.

Pull content is the delivery of requested information, or information individuals are searching for online, provided in such a way that instills trust, credibility, and authority for the business that provides that value.

Vehicles for Delivering Content Marketing

Blogging is an excellent vehicle for delivering content marketing as are video tutorials, strategically labeled images, email newsletters, white papers, free reports, free eBooks, etc. The key is to be sure you are delivering strategically written copy that engages search engines when your potential customer is searching.

This means delivering content online versus via a download. Password protected downloaded information is great as a supplement (and should be given in exchange for contact information only), but downloads do not engage search engines and therefore are not helping individuals find you in the vastness of the online space.

Content is King (or Queen)

Content is what drives the Internet. Be conscientious of providing content that is relevant to what your targeted consumers are searching for. Content marketing should accomplish the following:

  • Content marketing should solve a problem without being a sales pitches or an ad for services;
  • Content marketing should create trust, credibility, and authority; therefore, eliminate barriers to converting readers to customers;
  • Content marketing should provide opportunities for first time readers to become loyal followers by driving traffic to social media sites and by offering an opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter or blog.

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