What is Market Research?


What is Market Research?

Marketing is about understanding your customers and clients. What services or products do they want to buy? What problems do they have that your product or service could solve? What motivates them to take the next step in the sales process?

Marketing can exist in any number of media, including websites, blogs, sales brochures, social media, etc. No matter what marketing media you choose, you must be aware of what the triggers are in a person’s brain that initiate intrigue and establish belief. All marketing efforts should focus on building trust and maintaining the consumer’s confidence.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Market research is the process by which those triggers are determined. Once you establish what triggers your target audience, every marketing message should be constructed around those factors.

From a market research standpoint, you not only need to understand the triggers in a person’s mind, including issues prospective customers are facing, you also need to create a message around it that is consistent throughout the organization, including how employees communicate to customers and prospective customers. Every message, no matter where it comes from, be it your website, blog, social media or video, must be consistent. The consistency of the message is a key element in building trust with your consumer.

4 Ways to Test Messaging in the Marketplace

  1. Focus group research is expensive, takes a great deal of time and coordination, and can take months to get results, but it is an important form of market research.
  2. Face-to-face or “street interviews” are spontaneous interviews conducted at shopping malls and other public places and often includes a free gift to participants.
  3. Web surveys are a simple way to get information from your target audience.
  4. Highly-targeted, phone-based research uses neuromarketing techniques to trigger the person’s brain and get him/her to engage with you, identify with you, and establish trust, and then expand on that and get them to move to a next step. Phone-based research is the quickest and most effective form of market research.

Do you need help understanding what triggers decision-making for your target audience? At Frozen Fire, we are market research experts, specializing in high-targeted, phone-based research that garners detailed information from consumer groups.

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