Why Videos for Restaurants are Key for Success

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Trying to find new ways to boost sales? Wondering how videos for restaurants can be beneficial to your business? Look no further. The Frozen Fire Films team is here to show you how videos are crucial to enhance the success of your dining establishment. By showing, not just telling, video allows you to wow and excite current and potential customers, drawing them onto your website and into your restaurant. Plus, videos can even be helpful for improving employee performance and overall customer experience. Read on to learn the various types of videos for restaurants and the many benefits they offer.

What Types of Videos for Restaurants are Best?

Not sure where to start? A popular first choice of videos for restaurants with multiple locations is a location highlight video. These videos offer a glimpse into the unique experience provided at each of your restaurant’s locations, highlighting the interior, private dining areas, outdoor patios, and some of your most popular dishes. Give customers a taste of what they can expect when dining at your restaurant through videos like these.

Another popular video is a menu item announcement. Are you adding a new signature dish or an addition to the cocktail menu? These videos draw new and returning customers back in to try these recent additions. Furthermore, they can also offer a glimpse into the process of making them. This provides you with an opportunity to show off the freshness and quality of ingredients used.

Are these videos for restaurants not sparking your interest? Consider the use of video for employee training purposes by offering video tutorials to all staff members. This will ensure high performance and consistency across all of your restaurant’s locations. At Frozen Fire Films, we’ve created a plethora of videos for a variety of restaurants. These videos have been used for demonstrating recipes and for outlining necessary procedures or best practices for customer interaction.

How Should I Share These Videos?

Videos for restaurants will provide your business with valuable assets, but it can’t stop there. It is important to leverage videos properly to get the most out of your investment. Video is a very powerful tool to utilize in the digital space, and there are a number of options for how to best share it. Here are some of our top suggestions:

Social Media

One of the best free ways to share your video with a wide audience is via social media. If you haven’t already, be sure to set up social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to reach current and potential customers in their favorite online spaces. When posting, incorporate video whenever you can. Whether you share the full version, or shorter clips, video is proven to outperform still images online. Be sure to also allow for easy access to your website by including a link wherever possible.

YouTube SEO

As one of the top 5 search engines, YouTube is a great platform to utilize as a restaurant. Be sure to upload any and all videos you have created to your YouTube channel and fully optimize them to improve your rankings on the platform. For more information on YouTube SEO best practices, check out this blog.

Email Blasts

If your restaurant has a newsletter, be sure to include your videos there as well. This is especially popular for announcing new menu items, as it allows you to blast the video out to all current and past customers at once. Incorporating videos for restaurants into your emails can help improve your click rates, as videos are more engaging than paragraphs of copy. Take any opportunity you can to show, not just tell.

Paid Ads

When the cost-free options aren’t enough, paid advertising is a great way to share your videos. Especially for Facebook and Instagram ads, video is much more effective at capturing your audience’s attention, versus a still image. These can be great for announcing a new special, promotion, or just for generating increased brand awareness. Some social media platforms also allow you to add a poll to your video ad for further engagement with your brand.

Videos for restaurants create abundant opportunities for increased growth. Whether you’re trying to draw in a wider audience or improve your internal operations, video is an incredibly powerful tool for impacting change. If you’re interested in learning more about how video can enhance your business’s success, get in touch with the experts at Frozen Fire Films to have all of your questions answered. If you’d like to take a look at some of our work, we invite you to view our portfolio here.



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