Video Marketing Content During COVID-19

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The sudden appearance of COVID-19 has changed just about everything in our day-to-day lives. Wearing masks in public, staying six feet apart, and adjusting how employees work are all things we have had to adapt to over the last few months. Because life has changed so abruptly, it’s important for businesses to refresh their marketing strategy to align with the times. An outdated marketing strategy may come across as insensitive or irrelevant to consumers.

 A great promotional strategy for businesses to utilize right now is video marketing content. Using videos can improve brand recognition, increase engagement, and lead to more conversions. Read on to learn how Frozen Fire can help to create a visual story to meet your specific needs during these ever-changing times.

COVID-19 Videos

It’s important to let people know that your doors are still open for business. Although telling people through word of mouth and copy is fine, a more effective way to let people know is by showing them through video marketing content. People are more likely to consume information through a video than reading a lengthy caption on social media, and it shows that you still value their business. Here is a video we recently produced for a client who wanted to show their customers that they are still providing the same quality of service during these unfamiliar times.

Graphics Videos

If your COVID-19 safety policies keep you from having a video crew visit your location, we can create engaging video marketing content for you through graphics videos. Graphics videos can convey the same message as a traditional video, but instead of live shots our graphic designers create relevant graphics to tell a story. Whether you want to promote your business or provide employees with training content, a graphics video can meet your needs in a socially distanced way. Watch this video we recently created for a client to communicate with their target audience.

Many things have evolved during the days of COVID-19, and it’s important that your marketing strategy does as well. If you’re ready to communicate with your audience through video marketing content, contact us today.



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