The Need is Mutual

About Frozen Fire

Over the years Frozen Fire has provided marketing support for all different types of businesses, we occasionally have clients who want us to “do our deal.” This means getting results without much, if any mutual involvement. Frozen Fire does not support a plan that lacks client involvement. It is imperative all client relationships take place in a collaborative environment.

The more we understand our clients’ business, their needs, their desires, their challenges and their opportunities combined with the more our client understands Frozen Fire, our capabilities and our approach, the greater chance we have in achieving collaboratively defined marketing goals.

Mutual involvement is a key foundational piece of the Frozen Fire / Client relationship from day one.  In order to accomplish “understanding each other,” there needs to be an agreed upon plan for consistent and intentional communication.

Throughout the relationship, when Frozen Fire and the client communicate, there should always be a clearly stated expectation on when the next communication will take place, what actions each party will take and a defined timeline.

Although there will periodically be exceptions, the desired goal is Frozen Fire and the client will be available and on time for the next communication and will have completed what was previously planned to be done for this next interaction.

Here are some examples of problems Frozen Fire has faced with previous clients, negatively impacting the ability to accomplish defined marketing goals:

  • Does not reply to a phone call, email or text within an agreed upon timeframe
  • Does not complete planned task by the deadline
  • Does not provide immediate feedback on concerns with the Frozen Fire service being provided
  • Does not provide thoughts on any specific ideas that could be beneficial to the relationship

Frozen Fire fosters mutual relationships because it is our desire to accomplish the collaboratively defined goals, while making sure our client is satisfied with Frozen Fire.



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