The Ultimate Guide to Building a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

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When it comes to building a B2B digital marketing strategy, Frozen Fire has you covered. At Frozen Fire, we use a holistic approach and 360° strategies to help you stand out from your competitors and strengthen your partnerships. Keep reading to learn more about our experience, approach, and what makes us a valuable marketing partner for B2B companies.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

There are many differences when it comes to digital marketing strategies for business to business (B2B) companies versus business to consumer (B2C) companies. While B2C clients sell a product or service directly to the consumer, B2B clients sell a product or service to other businesses. For business to consumer clients, it’s about increasing sales and having their products or services at the top of their market and customer’s minds. For business to business clients, it’s all about selling your brand, product, or business process and obtaining partnerships with other companies. While both require holistic marketing approaches, brand building is vital to creating a successful B2B digital marketing strategy.

Our Approach

At Frozen Fire, we have served and continue to work with a wide variety of businesses. Our experiences with different industries, sizes, and audiences allow us to create a B2B digital marketing strategy for every business, from medical device distributors to sign manufacturers to international industrial fabric suppliers. To put it simply, our team has years of experience and knowledge – we know what works and what doesn’t.

Our goals for a successful B2B digital marketing strategy are to elevate each online presence and create collateral that helps the client stand out from others in their industry. It is all about telling a consistent story across all platforms. Each brand has a unique feel and personality, and it is our job to help unify and develop the brand voice. Every branding asset should reflect this, no matter the medium. We look at where our clients are already seeing success and where we can improve, specifically when it comes to website development, Google presence, SEO, and graphic design.  

Website Development

When businesses are looking for another business to partner with, one deciding factor for this new partnership is the quality of their online presence. The first step in improving the online presence of our clients is creating a unique, modern, and professional website. When a website is visually pleasing, easy to navigate, and communicates the brand story, it sparks interest and gets potential partners talking.

Google Presence

Having a consistent and strong presence on Google is vital to B2B marketing. More often than not, a company with a B2B model is found by someone sitting at a desk searching for supplies or service. One of the first things they will come across is your Google My Business profile. This profile is where the website, contact information, pictures, and reviews are found. If consistently updated with material such as posts and high-rated reviews, the chance of new business increases.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is another way that businesses get found on Google. It all ties back to the website. Optimizing each page and blog on the website for words or phrases related to the company is one of the best ways to rank in the results on Google.

Graphic Design

Often, our B2B clients do business through sales reps and tradeshows. These are opportunities for us to supplement all digital efforts with tangible collateral. We can create business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, and more for our clients to hand out to potential partners. We have the ability to create print-ready files that match your branding and tell your story in a way that is visually compelling and easy to read.

Most of the digital marketing world exists on social media. We may prioritize other tactics, but this does not exclude social media or other forms of digital marketing, such as emails, from a B2B digital marketing strategy. Platforms like LinkedIn are vital to communicating with current and future partners. Facebook can also be used as a recruiting tool or help drive demand for end users. Email marketing is great for keeping up with current connections and driving returning business. Each effort helps create a 360° strategy for our clients.

Create Your Next B2B Strategy with Frozen Fire

If you are looking for a company to build your next B2B digital marketing strategy, Frozen Fire can help. Contact us today to get started or learn more about our process.



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