Paid Ads vs Organic Posts: A Holistic Social Approach

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If you’re a brand in the 21st century trying to connect with customers, you’ve likely heard someone talk about how important social media is. Whether you are considering paid ads vs organic posts, it’s important to know the benefits of each. If you want to optimize your social presence and drive traffic, you will more than likely want to take on a holistic approach. Let’s break down the benefits of different social media forms and how they work together.

Paid Ads vs Organic Posts

Paid ads, better known as classic advertising, are great for reaching new potential customers and driving sales. With paid ads, you can precisely target a large audience with priority ranking in a social algorithm, meaning your post would be shown higher up in a feed than those posting organically.

Paid ads are a great way to reach new customers with similar interests to your product or service and turn them into customers with new deals or product spotlights. These are known for generating new leads and driving conversions, which can make social media a very profitable tool for many businesses.

Organic posts, or posts to your owned accounts and feeds, are great for seeing long-term improvement in customer relationships. The best part? It costs less to effectively use organic posts than a paid ad. Organic posts target your existing customers and offer relevant, useful information about your brand that turns them into returning purchasers.

Organic posts are great ways to establish a brand voice and interact with customers on a personal level. Owned content can build relationships and allow your business the opportunity to support customers through customer service. Happy and loyal customers are part of a strong foundation for any successful business, and organic posts provide many touchpoints to keep them engaged.

Create a Holistic Approach with Frozen Fire

While you can have a good, effective social presence with simply one or the other, a holistic approach can create a successful, full-scope strategy. Paid ads vs organic posts serve different purposes and fill in gaps that the other does not cover. It can be a challenge to build a combination strategy on your own. Hiring social media marketing experts, like those at Frozen Fire, can help you craft a unique social presence for your business. At Frozen Fire, we have experience targeting a wide variety of audiences on any combination of social platforms. We weigh the differences between paid ads vs organic posts for each client and create a specialized strategy to help them see great success. If you need help managing your social media presence, contact us today to get started!



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