Website 101: Website Templates vs Custom Design

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One of the first questions a business asks when considering website redesign is “what are the differences between website templates vs custom design?” If you are trying to decide which option would be best for your business, keep reading to learn more!

Getting Started

Before picking a new design for a website, you should partner with a trusted and experienced developer to help bring your vision to life. At Frozen Fire, our marketing experts have vast experience creating template and custom websites for a variety of clients. We know that creating a new website is a big decision and we will walk you through every step of the process to ensure your expectations are met. If you are interested in seeing some of our work or learning more about our process, click here.

Website Templates vs Custom Design

While all websites have SEO, unique content, and imagery, there are still some major differences between website templates vs custom design. Both come with unique benefits and keep your individual needs in mind.

Template Websites

Template websites have a built-in framework. We start with an already coded template and alter it to match your branding, colors, fonts, and imagery. Once we insert all of your new content and images, the site will be on brand and tell your story!

A few of the major benefits of building from a template are quicker launch times and reduced costs. When a website doesn’t have to be coded from scratch, it takes less time to get the website from the starting template to the fully launched site, which ultimately costs less. This is why website templates vs custom design can be a great option for businesses looking for a high-quality product with quick turnarounds and lower costs.

Check out some of our template websites below!

Custom Websites

We build custom websites with one business, your business, in mind. We design and build custom websites from scratch, which allows you to have a site with all of the desired features.  

Some of the major benefits of building a custom design are a flexible, unique design with customized features and layout. A custom design provides you with a preferred format without settling for a preset layout. We create distinctive websites based on your goals which can include a variety of things such as sliding galleries, extra forms, shopping portals, and more. A custom design also allows you to take your time and ensure every detail is exact to your specifications. By starting from scratch, we can create a product where each aspect is as unique as your business.

Check out some of our custom websites below!

Design with Frozen Fire

Whether you choose website templates vs custom design, Frozen Fire is ready to assist you in building a new website. Our process helps you get found by your customers and nurture your relationship. A fresh website can be a great way to generate more business and increase your return on investment. If you are interested in website development or other digital marketing services, contact us today!



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