Set Your Holiday Marketing Ablaze

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This is the time of year when brands and businesses ramp up their holiday marketing efforts to match the demand for gifts. We can all envision the typical scenario: a happy family posed in matching pajamas around the tree, a mountain of gifts piled up and holiday songs playing in the background. We’ve seen it before, and we’ll see it plenty this season—but not from us.

Holiday marketing tends to follow these trends because it’s easy and dependable. Sure, it gets your brand out there, but does it differentiate you from others? Shoppers are intent on buying something for their loved ones—earn their decision.

Holiday Marketing in 2022

Let’s face it: we’re living in weird times. Post-pandemic, potentially pre-recession… the good thing is, the holidays are a time when everyone wants to forget reality for a second.

Nonetheless, shifts in culture require businesses to be conscious of their social and environmental impact. While big companies like Amazon can bypass these shifts, smaller brands must find their voice among the rest.

81% of shoppers conduct research before they make a purchase; you must make yourself stand out during this phase of the buyer’s journey. Once a sense of trust is found, brand loyalty is granted. Consumers are primed to discover over the holidays, and this discovery process has made its way to social channels.

While this was already popular, eCommerce ramped up due to the pandemic. Holiday shopping is back to omnichannel methods, yet 57% of consumers are open to buying gifts via social media in 2022.

The power of personalized ads is unfathomable. TV commercials are made for the general public with hopes of targeting viewers, whereas social media ads are targeted directly to the user. Going deeper, personalized ads are known for suggesting items that seem best for the accounts you interact with the most. They are showing you the gifts you should buy for your friends and family!

Therefore, your holiday marketing efforts are best received when placed on social media. This is the best way for consumers to get to know your unique brand.

Get Started Early

To be in the running for holiday gift ideas, you need to start early. You want to be on the minds of shoppers before they even know what they’re looking for. That way, once they’re finally ready to pull out the wallet, your goods and services will be at the top of their lists. Friends may make suggestions to one another, TikTok micro-influencers may find your brand and list it in their storefront, and one toppled domino may lead to a mosaic of unpaid marketing efforts on your behalf.

This all starts by finding your voice. If you’re interested in differentiating your brand as unique, conscious and the talk of the holiday season, allow the Frozen Fire team to strategize a plan. We are a full-service digital marketing agency with the power to put your brand on the top of Santa’s wish lists! Holiday marketing with lasting results.



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