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Every generation contains unique differences expressed through clothes, slang terms, and values. As generational shifts take place, marketing needs to change with it. What once caught the attention of the general public has the potential to become outdated in no time. As the world moves into a highly digitized realm, there has been a dramatic shift in advertising tactics, and marketing to Gen Z is different from any generation before.


Stories create personal connections because they are relatable and provide an avenue to persuade and move people to action. Storytelling allows you to provide your business with human attributes and characteristics, making your brand more approachable. You are building brand trust organically by producing empathetic and relatable content. This will tie directly in with brand loyalty, as many repeat customers will build a relationship with your business over time. The importance of storytelling needs to be put at the forefront of your marketing efforts, such as social media, television commercials, website copy and more.

marketing to gen z

Platform Switches

Interacting with others on online platforms became mainstream long before Gen Z was at the forefront of marketing efforts. Millennials and Baby Boomers popularized websites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, there was a generational switch away from these platforms.

Marketing to Gen Z requires corporations to shift their focus onto new platforms such as Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok. As the world becomes more digital, Gen Z craves face-to-face interaction, and these platforms allow them to express themselves outwardly through sound and videos. Marketers need to recognize these resources as essential tools for revenue generation if they want to capture the attention of Gen Z. Creating catchy videos with a personal tone humanizes the brand. It allows them to better connect with younger generations. Our highly-skilled video team can create eye-catching YouTube content to share with your audience. We also have a team of creative marketers who are experts at creating short, personable content for Snapchat and TikTok.

marketing to gen z

Online Communities

Marketing to Gen Z also requires businesses to understand the importance of online communities. Many people in this cohort feel more comfortable expressing their interests and values virtually instead of in person. Companies can hone in on this trend by creating personalized online communities. Brands, such as Lego, give their members a hands-on experience where they can come together and share ideas and creations. Our highly-skilled team of website developers has the expertise needed to create websites with online community capabilities so you can start creating a personalized experience for your target market.

Digital Marketing to Gen Z at Frozen Fire

The world is constantly shifting and changing around us. Modifying marketing tactics to cater to Gen Z can be daunting. Here at Frozen Fire, we understand the importance of staying current on trends. Our highly-skilled team stays up to date on incoming trends so you don’t need to. Contact us today to get started.



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