Pardot Consultant vs. Marketing Agency

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Pardot is a robust marketing automation solution for business-to-business organizations. It’s email automation and lead management services allow businesses to attract, convert and nurture customers. This directly impacts and oftentimes boosts revenues. However, when people need Pardot assistance, they often find themselves working with a Pardot consultant.

Being such an intuitive platform, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the endless scoring capabilities, automation rules, integrations, drip campaigns, or even the implementation of Pardot itself. This confusion leaves marketing professionals with three choices:

  1. Spend hours training yourself on Pardot and watching countless videos/tutorials
  2. Go through the customer service hoops with Pardot, or
  3. Pay an outrageous hourly fee for help from a Pardot consultant

But, what if there was a fourth option that allowed you to get assistance with Pardot on an ongoing basis? What if you didn’t have to pay an hourly fee to a Pardot consultant? Instead, you could work with our account managers to ensure success for your marketing automation efforts with Pardot.

Our Pardot Marketing Services

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As a full-service digital marketing agency, we understand that everyone’s marketing needs are different. Before we bring on each client, we gather a better understanding of what marketing areas they are seeking improvement in. In addition, we decide how we can leverage our efforts to cater to their individual needs. For example, some of our marketing retainer clients rely more heavily on social media engagement or online advertising, while other clients use our expertise to assist them with email marketing or marketing automation solutions. Our “no boxed solutions” motto applies to everything we do – including the marketing services that we offer.

Our industry experience has allowed us to assist our B2B clients with a variety of marketing automation solutions and tools and become savvy in Pardot. With our retainer-based model, we are able to provide our clients with ongoing, monthly assistance with Pardot. We work with businesses on Pardot implementation, setting up/maintaining drip campaigns, creating automation rules, building/segmenting lists, website integration (with Pardot forms/landing pages), creating reports/compiling analytics, and more.

We go beyond Pardot…

Frozen Fire works closely with our clients to ensure that all efforts are working together seamlessly. For example, we go beyond just building drip campaigns. We work with our clients to ensure that the emails are tailored to their target audience. We do this by helping them write effective content, designing attractive templates and eventually building the drip. Even if you know the ins and outs of Pardot, it can be tedious to do it efficiently and effectively on your own.

The main difference of working with a marketing agency on an ongoing basis versus a Pardot consultant is that we go beyond just answering your immediate Pardot questions. We take a holistic approach to your full online presence. At Frozen Fire, we answer all your marketing automation questions, while also giving you useful recommendations and help you to implement/maintain it all.

Are you ready to start making the most out of Pardot? Get in touch with our team to learn how you can take your marketing automation efforts to the next level.



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