Nurture Customer Loyalty with Email Automation

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How to Nurture Customer Loyalty with Email Automation

Relationships can be tricky. They require attention, thoughtfulness and consistent behavior to nurture positive feelings—whether it’s a relationship with your soul mate or your core customers. While an email isn’t the best way to court your significant other, email marketing is a great way to not only build awareness about your products and services, but build customer loyalty, too. Provided, of course, your email marketing is executed properly.

Nurturing customer loyalty isn’t a one-off challenge. At Frozen Fire, we know it is a critical component of a five-step approach—get found, look good, engage, nurture, analyze—we’ve carefully honed to deliver great results for our clients. Email marketing—specifically email automation—is a very effective tactic deployed to nurture customer loyalty.

Hoping vs. Knowing

Long before email marketing even existed, advertising executives fretted over three things: frequency, reach and impressions. They hoped their broadcast spots (television and radio) aired with enough “frequency” to “reach” their target audience and generate enough “impressions” with coveted consumers. If those numbers didn’t hit their intended sweet spots, the cash register didn’t to ring for the brands that had invested big chunks of money to advertise.

Today, broadcast isn’t the be-all, end-all behemoth it once—thanks in large measure to the dramatic changes digital tools have brought about. Rather than hoping a target customer will tune into a program where they might (or might not) see your marketing message, email marketing delivers much more certainty. With it, a precise message is delivered directly to the inbox of the consumer with whom you wish to communicate. Email marketing allows you to control the reach, frequency and number of impressions you deliver—without costing an arm and a leg.

Whether it’s a notice of a special sale or event or a members-only exclusive offer, email marketing nurtures customer loyalty by letting individuals know you value their business. Fostering this type of goodwill leads to repeat business and valuable referrals. But email marketing significantly picks up steam when it becomes automated.

Upping the Ante

Email automation separates the novices from the masters, the struggling from the successful businesses. Why? Because automated email marketing nurtures customer loyalty by maintaining a consistent flow of interaction between you and your customers. It keeps your company, products and services top of mind with your customers—which builds brand preference.

Not only should emails be sent at regular intervals, they should always include a link that invites the customer to take action—extending your interaction with them. The link also serves as an important mechanism in the email automation process. When a recipient clicks on a link, it should serve up important content and trigger the next drop in your email automation chain—a follow-up email to be sent days later.

Email automation allows you to keep fresh leads in your marketing funnel while simultaneously nurturing customer loyalty. If you’d like help getting started, Frozen Fire can create a custom email automation campaign tailored to your business goals. Contact us today!

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