Google Reviews Make Word of Mouth More Powerful

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How Google Reviews Make Word of Mouth More Powerful

Word-of-mouth has always been a powerful “make-it or break-it” barometer for companies, products and services—not only because historically it is the very first form of advertising, but because it is honest, credible and pretty much unsolicited. Consumers—whether they want to find a new doctor, try a new restaurant or buy a new refrigerator—value hearing honest feedback from people who have first-hand experience with a particular company, product or service.

Today, word-of-mouth is more powerful than ever because it has gone digital. Online reviews are always at people’s fingertips. It only takes a few seconds to Google glowing reviews or “buyer beware” warnings about nearly everything under the sun. Most people begin their buying process with online research. They compare products and services online before they make a purchase—even if they plan to make their purchase at a brick-and-mortar location. A big part of their comparison process involves reading customers’ online reviews. So how can you leverage word-of-mouth online?

Google+ Reviews have emerged as a popular place for consumer feedback. It’s not surprising. After all, Google processes a mind-boggling 40,000+ search queries every second—more than 3.5 billion per day and 1.2 trillion per year! Now the search-engine giant has made it easy for users to share their brand experiences with others.

We all like to hear we’ve done a job well or exceeded a customer’s expectations. More importantly, we want others to know it because it is an important part of reputation management. It’s not a stretch to say that positive word-of-mouth via Google+ Reviews can be priceless for your business. Unlike customer quotes you may have posted on your website written by you, Google+ Reviews are unvarnished, heartfelt comments about the quality of your products and services, as well as the helpfulness of your team members. They carry a lot more weight in the credibility department because they are written and posted directly by your customers. Most importantly, by posting positive reviews on Google+, your customers become trusted influencers—brand advocates who help nurture customer loyalty and business growth.

Next time a customer tells you they’ve had a great experience with one of your products or services, don’t be shy. Ask them if they’d be willing to post a review on Google+. It’s easy and only takes a couple of minutes, but its impact can be felt for a long time.

If you’re not familiar with Google+ Reviews, you can see reviews customers have posted about Frozen Fire here. If you’d like to know other ways to help your brand grow, contact us and we’ll tell you about our five-step process to ignite your business—get found, look good, engage, nurture, analyze!

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