How to Measure Success in Email Marketing


How to Measure Success in Email Marketing

You’ve spent the time composing the perfect email; created corresponding graphics or videos; checked and double-checked for any errors and confirmed it shows up perfectly on all devices. After sending it out and reviewing your analytics, you find yourself saying, “Now what? How did my business benefit from this and what can I learn from this or do different in future email marketing campaigns?”

When composing email marketing campaigns, this is where the power of analytics as well as A/B testing comes in. A/B testing allows you to experiment with two different options, for example, subject line titles, to determine which one would give you the greatest success. For one of our more recent email marketing campaigns, “A Thank You from CEO Brad Davis”, we decided to use the split test ability to determine which title really captures our audience’s attention. To do this, we took 20% of our total contacts and split them into two groups. We created two different subject lines and sent them out to the random list of contacts. Then, we were able to determine which Subject Line Title had the best open rate and the email automatically proceeded to send to the remaining 80% of our contacts with the Subject Line Title that had the best success.

After reviewing the final analytics of our email marketing campaign we were able to gather valuable data about the information that we sent out. Completing this process allowed us to have an open rate of 38% which also translated to increases in both website and social media views and engagment. Currently, according to ClickZ, the industry average for email marketing open rates is 31.3%. Utilizing A/B Testing helped us achieve a high open rate. We were able to use this process for one of our clients and they too were able to find success for their email marketing campaign.

“We ran our first ever email marketing campaign with Frozen Fire. The process getting this off the ground was about what we expected — a lot of front-end work. The results of the campaign were good and continue promising to pay dividends for future work. But, the knowledge we learned about our customers who received the email and even their behaviors with it is what totally amazed us. We’ve emailed our customers before in marketing attempts — the old fashioned way, one-at-a-time — and never knew if they even received it. But with the team at Frozen Fire managing this for us and driving the attention to our website, we got so much more back than we ever could with our own efforts. The analytical data they provided helped us to know what our customers are interested in, will help us fine tune our approach on the next endeavor, and has given us a sense of direction on what we should produce and publish on our website that draws our clients in.”

A/B Testing and analytics reveiw, though takes some time, is a very useful tool in determining what truly captures your audience’s attention in email marketing. The end result in increasing opens and audience engagement really helps grow the level of views and engagement to your website.

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