Making an Infographic to Help Your Customers

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Whether you are a restaurant, service provider, or product-based company, infographics are a useful tool to help your customers. Making an infographic can help your customers successfully order your products and services. Infographics can also help ensure a great customer experience and show your worth and brand personality. They are a persuasive and engaging tool that can be helpful for any business.

What is an infographic?

You have been told you need to use infographics, but what is an infographic? Simply put, an infographic is an image used to represent information or data. Infographics can be short or long, visually complex or very simple. Regardless of the format, or intended use, a great infographic is effective! In fact, high quality infographics are 30X more likely to be read than text articles. Now that you know what an infographic is, it’s time to learn how to use an infographic for your business.

Infographic example

What are infographics used for?

There are several reasons you may decide to make an infographic, but the 4 primary purposes of infographics are to:

  1. Simplify a concept
  2. Demonstrate instructions
  3. Create comparisons
  4. Share important data

Infographics make abstract concepts and the metaphors you use to explain your services understandable in an instant. Pairing your how-to text instructions with imagery removes confusion from the equation by showing your customers what to do instead of just telling them. Comparisons and important data pop out from your messaging to create a visual summary for people who prefer to read by skimming text.

How can making an infographic help my business?

Infographics can improve your communication with customers across almost any platform. Consider incorporating infographics into your

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Website
  • Presentations and reports
  • Press releases

Not sure how to get started? Here are a few suggestions from our marketing experts on how different types of businesses can leverage infographics.


  • Use infographics on social media to share information about customer’s favorite dishes, ingredients, specials and accolades that separate you from other restaurants in the area.
  • Call attention to your specials in your email marketing campaigns.
  • Create infographic how-to instructions showing how easy it is to order online. Share this infographic with your customers through email marketing, link to it on your website and share through social media.
  • Finally, draw your customers’ eyes to your important call to actions such as online ordering and vital information such as locations, phone numbers and delivery options on your website.

Service providers

  • Use infographics to quickly explain what your company provides and why your services are important. Share these infographics on social media and include them in sales assets like proposals, brochures and presentations.
  • Break up your email marketing content with infographic visuals that highlight your most important points.
  • Use infographics to tease your audience into reading the rest of your email copy.
  • Do you have online platforms or tools that your customers use to communicate with you properly? Create infographic how-to documents that clearly show your customers how to use these tools.
  • Create infographic how to documents for customers that show how to engage with your customer support properly. Often a customer’s biggest frustration is figuring out how to contact their service provider about a problem.
  • Use infographics on your website to highlight changes in service and new programs or services that you have available.
  • Are you trying to get media attention from online news sites, magazines or televised news? Consider incorporating infographics in your press releases and news pitches. Reporters are always looking for visuals to pair with their stories. Including infographics can catch their attention, separate your pitch from others and make it easier for a reporter to complete the story.

Product-based companies

  • Use infographics to highlight the unique aspects of your products or highlight product reviews on social media.
  • Make an infographic that helps illustrate your story and encourages more conversions from your email marketing campaigns.
  • Place infographics on your website to highlight important call to actions and new products.
  • Include infographics in your sales presentations to large businesses or wholesalers.
  • Use infographics to help illustrate your return policy or customer support options on your website. This approach may help reduce the number of negative reviews you receive.
  • Create infographics that show how easy your online shopping process is and to encourage website sales!

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We hope some of these ideas are helpful as you consider how your company will utilize infographics in your marketing efforts. If you are in the healthcare industry, take a look at our infographics for healthcare blog to learn more about how making an infographic can help you communicate with your patients. If you are interested in more specific ideas, tailored to your industry or data, fill out the form below with a single statistic and where you want to use the infographic and we will follow up with a free mockup!

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