Frozen Fire Providing Online Ordering Service Setup

Coronavirus Business Tips / Press Release

Online Ordering for Websites for Businesses Affected by COVID-19

We are acutely aware of the COVID-19 situation and how it is impacting our local businesses. Online Ordering for websites is an immediate need for many small businesses.

Frozen Fire is now offering a service to help businesses continue to make money, while encouraging social distancing. The Frozen Fire team will help local businesses put together an online ordering platform for a discounted price for the remainder of April. Our goal is to help keep business flowing and improve job stability for employees.

Frozen Fire will consult with you, assess your needs and provide you with recommendations. Then together, we will set up your online ordering e-commerce needs.

If you are a restaurant, we will help you come up with a plan to offer curbside pickup, delivery or both.

If you are a retailer or product driven business, we will help you adapt with an e-commerce solution.

One item we will take into account is what POS system you are using to manage your purchases. We may be able to help you leverage your current POS system to offer online ordering or e-commerce options. Integrating with your POS helps seamlessly add these functionalities to your website and makes the process as simple as possible for your customers.

During these turbulent times, it’s important that our community sticks together and supports each other.  If this service can help your business during this time of uncertainty, please reach out online or call 214-745-3456.​​



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