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Get your digital strategy up and running with Frozen Fire.

Not having a marketing plan in place for your business is like buying a plant and not watering it: soon enough, it will start to wilt. Marketing is essential to nurturing your business, especially during tough times, such as what we are experiencing now. Forbes predicts that in the coming months, businesses will become more reliant on digital strategy than ever before. If COVID-19 is affecting your business operations, read on to see what we can offer you regarding digital marketing support.

How can Frozen Fire support my business?

At Frozen Fire, we understand that it can be difficult to develop an effective marketing strategy during these uncertain times. This is why we’ve developed subscription packages to assist businesses with their digital marketing. We use three critical components of digital marketing: social media, email marketing, and SEO. Our experts can take care of these marketing efforts for your business in an efficient and effective manner. Here are the details for our subscription packages and deals we are currently offering:

  • Social Media
    • Onboarding – normally $449, now $249 for your initial month
    • Ongoing – $399
  • Email Marketing
    • Onboarding – normally $749, now $449 for your initial month
    • Ongoing – $399
  • Search Visibility (SEO)
    • Onboarding – normally $449, now $249 for your initial month
    • Ongoing – $649

Utilizing social media, email marketing and SEO in your digital marketing strategy will enhance your online presence. This will allow you to meet your customers where they are now: online. Learn a bit more below about each of these services and how they can help boost your sales.

Social Media

Social media often gets overlooked in times like these, but it is vital to take advantage of what it offers. Consumers are connecting with businesses on an emotional level through social and 64% of consumers say they crave this kind of connection. Now more than ever, consumers are turning to businesses for this connection during uncertain times. Perceptions of your business could be shaped for decades to come, and sitting on the sidelines and ignoring the game in front of you will only hurt you. It’s critical to build trust among your audiences by showing that you care and are taking the necessary precautions to protect their safety.

Social Media Package Details

Email Marketing

Another great way to reach out to your audience during this time is through email marketing. Businesses in all industries are capitalizing on the benefits that email marketing presents to connect with audiences. Email continues to deliver a strong return on investment; did you know for every $1 you spend on email marketing you can expect an average return of $42? Email is a great avenue for longer form content to dive into detail about what processes your business is taking during COVID-19. Your business must take advantage of every communication medium to grow and deepen relationships with your audiences, and email is a great way to build brand credibility.

Email Marketing Package Details

Search Visibility

Search visibility, or what we more commonly refer to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a critical component of keeping your business in front of consumers. Businesses that show up on the first page of search results account for 67% of all clicks – that means customers are more likely to go to your website! But, what people were searching for prior to COVID-19 is completely different than what they are looking for now on Google. For example, consumers searching for a restaurant can’t simply ask Google, “what restaurants are near me?” anymore. Now, they need to know which restaurants offer contactless delivery since they can no longer dine-in. Making sure your business is visible for these new searches is key to keeping sales up and getting found organically.

Search Visibility Package details

During these trying times, we want to offer businesses as much as we can to get their operations up to speed. Learn more about Frozen Fire and our services or contact us today to take advantage of these limited time offers.



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