The Benefits and Importance of Building Backlinks

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The Importance of Building Backlinks

Backlinks, inbound links, external links and link building are all referring to the process of getting other websites to link to your website.

Sounds simple, right? The truth is there is a lot that goes into link building and a lot to consider along the way.

An example of a good use of a backlink would be linking to a blog post from another website in your own blog. Let’s say you are a dentist, and you use the blog section of your website to write about educational topics pertaining to dental hygiene and care. This week’s blog post is providing tips on how to prevent tartar, but you want to provide an external link to the American Dental Association for information on what tartar is and how it is caused. You might say something like, “Click here for more information on tartar,” or you might just hyperlink the word “tartar.”

Something important to note when you are creating your backlinks is to make sure you are setting them up to open a brand new tab or window, rather than making the viewer leave your website to visit the other one.

Now that we know what backlinks are and how they can be used, why do we even need to give them time out of our busy days?

The Benefits of Building Backlinks

  1. They improve your SEO optimization by giving a signal of quality to search engines.

    When search engines pick up on other websites linking to your website, it sets off an alarm that your website is worthy of linking to, therefore it must be an authority on the subject. When you link to other sites, it is because there is something on the page that simply says it better than you can, or there is some information you want your viewers to have that they can best receive from the other site. Search engines understand and take this into account when ranking websites.

  2. They increase traffic to your website from referral sites.

    This one is pretty obvious. The more backlinks you have from different websites, the better chance you have of increasing your website traffic from referral sites.

  3. They are endorsements for your website.

    Similar to number one, you would not just throw a link on your website, arguably the most important marketing platform for your business, from any old source. You want to make sure it is a reliable, quality source, and so do other business owners. Adding links from other sites gives an automatic endorsement, or approval, of the content on that site.

  4. They build trust and authority for your business or brand the more they are featured on authoritative websites.

    The more endorsements you receive from authoritative websites, the higher ranking your website is in the search engines, the more people are going to trust your business and recognize your brand.

  5. They build online relationships between websites.

    When you link to or endorse other websites, people view that as a connection you have with the other site, and it builds more trust when folks know you trust one another enough to have that transparent, online relationship. Do not, however, make the mistake of thinking a link exchange will be beneficial, as this will only penalize you in the long run.

  6. They are a promotion for your business.

    Simply put, other websites linking to your website provides even more consistent visibility for your website. Consider it a free advertisement!

It is also important to note that creating quality content that people will want to link to on all of your digital sites, even on Facebook and Twitter, is valued by search engines. Your website should be the hub of information on your business, but all of your other digital platforms should orbit the hub and be consistent and cohesive with the messaging and look of your website. This way, not only do you establish your authority online and increase your chances of being found, but you are also providing multiple outlets for other sites to link to.

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