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The Frozen Fire Website Building Process

By Frozen Fire

Businesses have become so overwhelmed with their online presence (website, social media etc.) that many are neglecting their most important sales tool—their company website. Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in the rapid-fire pace, immediacy and popularity of social media. There’s no question these channels demand careful attention to ensure messaging is fresh, compelling, on-target, and reaching the right audience. Still, your website is going to do the heavy lifting when it comes to turning leads into actual paying customers. In fact, your social media channels should be funneling traffic to your website.

In the world of integrated marketing, every channel has to work seamlessly together. Social media channels should act like satellites orbiting the mothership (in this case, your website)—or in Frozen Fire speak, moths circling the flame. With this in mind, you can see why a standard website simply won’t do. Rather, the visual design, content and functionality of your website must be strategically crafted to ensure your site works hard. In fact, every company’s website should function as a digital sales rep—communicating important information about the company, products and services while gathering and storing actionable marketing insights about site visitors.

In order to function like a digital sales rep, a website must be constructed so all the elements meld together in cohesive and efficient harmony. Over the years, Frozen Fire has developed a well-honed, six-step process to ensure your site is constructed properly the first time. Here’s an overview of our methodology.

Search Engine Keywords

A website can’t do much if your customers can’t find it. To be effective, a site must be built in a way that allows it to be quickly indexed and optimized by the search engines people use to find online information. This is called search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines index and rank sites using words and phrases gleaned from the site’s content. To make sure your site ranks high in search results, careful attention needs to be paid to the copy placed on every page of your site.

Frozen Fire determines which words and phrases should be used throughout your site to attract customers and outperform your competition. To do this, we conduct keyword research and competitor analysis upfront, while also evaluating your current rankings. Once we have zeroed in on the optimal keywords and phrases for your business, we use this knowledge to strategically build content that attracts customers and delivers sales.

Content Creation

Every page on your website should play a part in presenting a cohesive and compelling story about your business, products and services. Frozen Fire takes steps to ensure your message relates with your audiences and drives action. We begin by interviewing key representatives from your company so we accurately capture the unique differentiators and value propositions that set your business apart.

Just as importantly we craft content that is rich with SEO keywords and phrases to ensure your site garners optimal search engine results and rankings. Every page receives the same critical SEO review—from branded and personalized content on the Home and About Us pages, to business-critical content on technical or procedural pages—we ensure your site delivers the right content to the right people.

Initial Site Design

More than anything, building a custom website that moves the needle is about collaboration. To ensure your satisfactions, we take frequent pulse checks at significant milestones along the way. We begin with the initial site design. During this phase, we build the graphic look, SEO-optimized content, call-to-action, and functionality for the home page, as well as one sub page. Once complete, these initial pages are presented for review and feedback. This step-wise approach ensures your custom website is perfectly tailored to your company’s needs and online goals right from the beginning.

Full Site Mock Up

Once the initial design for the home and sub pages are approved, the remaining pages will be mocked up, and a PDF file of the full site design will be presented for review and approval.

Website Coding

Following approval of the site mock up, custom coding begins. As the site is built, it will be hosted on a staging link allowing company stakeholders to test its functionality and experience the site in a live environment. This critical phase gives everyone the opportunity to see exactly how the organization’s custom website looks and performs before it is launched to the public.

Website Launch

After all components of the new custom website are approved, the site is launched live on the company’s domain for public use. If the new site is replacing an existing site, careful attention is paid to redirecting traffic to the new domain, while maintaining SEO data and keywords that are still viable from the old site.

Happy Customers

At Frozen Fire, nothing is more important to us than helping business reignite their online presence with a well-designed, properly constructed website. We’re honored to have partnered with great companies in a wide variety industries. Here are examples of websites we’ve created for a few of them.

Sensus Healthcare

Greg Bustin

Sweat Dallas

Are you ready to ignite your business with a custom website? Frozen Fire will create a site that gets found, looks good, engages visitors, nurtures client relationships, and analyzes actionable data.

Frozen Fire is a Dallas internet marketing and video production company that helps companies harness the most powerful aspect of modern marketing—the internet—to engage customers in memorable and meaningful ways. Ways that ignite sales and business growth. Contact us to learn how we can help your business.



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