How to Generate Business Leads on Twitter

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Tips on How to Generate Business Leads on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful, robust marketing tool that allows companies to connect with prospective customers, engage them in conversations and generate business leads.

When you’re working with only 140 characters on Twitter, you must be strategic with your messaging. Those 140 characters can either turn prospects away or grab their attention and convert them into paying customers.

  1. Promoted Tweets

    Promoted tweets are essentially paid ads on Twitter in the form of a standard, 140-character tweet. With a Twitter ad account, you can use promoted tweets to reach beyond your current audience to potential followers in your target market. Promoted tweets appear in a user’s timeline and search results and can be targeted by keywords, interests and gender, geography, device (mobile or desktop) or similarity to existing followers. When you use promoted tweets, you’ll get the added bonus of analytics to track your Twitter activity, including followers and engagement.

  2. Lead Generation Cards

    With a Twitter ad account, you can use promoted tweets to gather information from prospects. According to Mashable and a case study published on the Twitter blog, outdoor apparel company, Rock/Creek generated more than 1,700 new email contacts in one week by using a Lead Generation Card within a promoted Tweet.

  3. Twitter Chats

    Host a discussion on Twitter and begin to form relationships with new prospects. A Twitter chat uses a particular hashtag that allows other Twitter users to follow and jump into the conversation. For example, if Frozen Fire wanted to host a Twitter chat on digital business development, we might use #digbizdev to start a discussion with an audience focused on that particular topic. Follow participants in the Twitter chat who you think may be a potential customer and form connections with them over Twitter outside of the chat. You can also participate in existing Twitter chats related to your industry to help you gain visibility and gather leads.

  4. Survey Followers

    Use Twitter as a form of market research. Ask your followers specific questions related to your business/industry. What are some common problems among your followers? Does your business have a product or service that can help solve those problems?

As a general rule of thumb, when using Twitter to generate business leads, it’s important that you don’t oversell or spam your connections. Share useful, relevant information and form meaningful relationships. Overselling your brand will quickly turn off potential customers.

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