How to Generate Business Leads on LinkedIn

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5 Tips to Generate Business Leads on LinkedIn

Social media marketing can no longer be ignored. According to the British Assessment Bureau, LinkedIn has more than 70 million users and 64 percent of people believe LinkedIn has helped them develop new relationships and grow new business.

For both professionals and companies, LinkedIn is a priceless lead-generation tool. If you are new to LinkedIn (or just don’t use it as much as you use Facebook or Twitter), here’s how to generate business leads on LinkedIn.

  1. Keep your profile up to date.

    This goes for the personal profiles of all of your company’s executives and leaders as well as your company page. Regularly update your profile with the most relevant information about your company. Brand marketers and business development team members should have a rich personal profile and continually share information and make new connections with other LinkedIn users.

  2. Position yourself as an industry leader with relevant content on a regular basis.

    It’s important to keep yourself visible on LinkedIn, and the best way to do this is to regularly share relevant content. Keep in mind that on average, it takes someone in your target audience at least seven exposures to your brand before they start paying attention to what you have to tell them. Don’t sell; educate. Stop talking about yourself! When you share information that is useful and interesting, people will listen.

  3. Quickly find content relevant to your target market with LinkedIn Today.

    Follow publishers, influencers and channels that relate to your brand, industry and target audience, and you’ll get a constant feed of posts you can share with your connections and followers.

  4. Join the conversation in industry specific LinkedIn Groups.

    Engage with other people and influencers in your industry and establish yourself as an industry leader by committing the time to regularly participate in discussions. Contribute relevant articles and comment on what others say. If you join a group, you must be more than an observer; you must add value to that group. You can also start a new group on a specific topic related to your industry to meet new LinkedIn members who could turn into customers/clients.

  5. Ask happy customers/clients to follow you on LinkedIn and recommend your brand.

    Executives and leaders in your company can also seek out recommendations for their connections on their personal LinkedIn profiles. Recommendations are a great way to establish and build your brand’s credibility.

It takes time to establish your company (and yourself) on LinkedIn, but it is far less time-consuming than face-to-face networking. According to research by LinkedIn, if you spend just nine minutes a day on LinkedIn, you’ll begin to reap the benefits.

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