Why Wait? Hints from the Marketing Agency Proposal Process

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Why Wait? Hints from the Marketing Agency Proposal Process

So, you’re ready to take your business to the next level, to choose a marketing agency to help move your business forward. The right thing to do now is reach out to a few competitors, gather proposals, and pick the best one, right? Well, in certain cases, maybe not.

Let us explain why.

We understand how the proposal process works. We understand why, in most cases, the proposal process is necessary. Frozen Fire has been on both ends of the practice.

You don’t want to blindly commit to an agency you’ve never worked with before, that’s not a smart business move, and as a general rule, we advise against blind commitment. So, yes, in some cases it does make complete sense to gather a couple proposals from competing agencies and weigh your options.

But there’s one situation where the proposal process can fail you. One situation that you want to avoid at all costs: Waiting.

Why? Because Waiting = Lost Time.

It’s that straightforward. If a company keeps you waiting for days, they are wasting your time. That time you spent waiting could have spent building momentum for your business.

Everyone has heard the phrase, “First impressions are everything.”

In marketing, the ‘everything’ of a first impression comes from timeliness, responsiveness, and accessibility. If you’re waiting on an agency to provide a proposal, the fact that you’re waiting on them before your relationship has even officially begun is an indicator that you’re likely on your way to a bad first impression from that particular agency. In fact, this time spent waiting is already a bad first impression.

When a potential client reaches out to Frozen Fire with that first exploratory phone call, or fills out a form on our website, we respond within minutes, not hours or days. From the moment we have the information necessary, you can expect to see a proposal that same day, or worst case, the following day.

You can consider our responsiveness as a sign of what is to come from a partnership with Frozen Fire. What’s to come? A friendly, collaborative partnership focused around common sense, down-to-earth marketing strategies designed specifically to help grow your unique business.

At Frozen Fire, we pride ourselves on our quick, clear style of communication. We don’t keep you waiting, whether we’re talking simply responding to an email, providing an initial design for a website, or turning in a completed video project.

And we’ve got proof. Please take a moment to check out our Google reviews from past and current clients.

Why wait? The answer isn’t complicated. Don’t.

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