Don’t Let A Website Error Affect Your Business

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Don’t Let A Website Error Affect Your Business.

Websites are a crucial part of your business. This is where most of your consumers will get a comprehensive idea of your company and what you can provide them. The last thing you want is a user leaving because there is a website error.

To have a successful website that drives conversions, web metrics are the data you will use to track your online performance. By monitoring what parts of your website are successful and which are not, you will have a better chance of generating an adequate ROI. Learning how and why your website is not working is the key to fixing any future issues. When things go awry, troubleshooting these issues will have your website working properly in no time!

Troubleshooting Website Speed

Websites like GTmetrix are valuable tools for understanding the load speed of your website. The process is simple and involves inputting your URL to see how your website performs. If there are areas for improvement, GTmetrix will give you an in-depth description of ways to fix certain aspects. If you do find a website error, there are plenty of ways to get everything back on track. Some ways to troubleshoot a slow website loading time include fixing plugins, integrating missing files, cleaning up website code, checking domains, examining slow website content and inspecting large media files. These are just some of the things that can contribute to a long load time and what may be causing the issue.

Update Plugins and Check Forms

In order for your website to work correctly, certain aspects need to be updated and fixed. Examples of plugins can include software such as Adobe Flash Player, JavaScript, QuickTime and many more. If these aren’t updated correctly, your website traffic will suffer the consequences. Checking forms is another excellent way to understand the effectiveness of your website. Forms such as “Contact Us” or “Request a Quote” are fields that your users will use to contact you. Input your email and make sure that your forms are working correctly. If they aren’t, you might have lost potential customers.

Checking Website for Malware and Security Issues

When searching your website, the last thing you want to see are the words “website error.” This can be due to malware, console errors or security issues within the site. Use malware
trackers like this to keep your website safe from potential threats! Most website malware contains attributes that allow hackers to avoid detection and pass-through security walls with ease. If issues arise, there are a couple of things to consider. When your website has been hacked there are actions that need to be performed to ensure that no user data has been collected; backup your website, clean all hacked website files, secure user accounts and remove hidden entry points (backdoors). These actions can ensure that malware and security issues cannot happen in the future.

Site Crawl

Next, you will want to perform a SiteCrawl. Essentially, search engines like Google will send bots to your website to index the content or copy of the entire site. The bots gather this information so that you can appear in search engine results. Use tools such as Moz to crawl your site and fix a specific website error. Crawlability is essential for your website to function efficiently. If you do notice a site crawl error there are a variety of issues that may have caused it. Broken URLs, sitemap issues, server-related problems or even a slow loading speed can cause the inability to access or crawl content from your webpage.

Optimize Images and Update Image Alt Text

Images are an essential part of your website; if users cannot view the images on your site, this could be a pretty big deterrent. In order for images to be adequately inputted, try to stick to an image size of less than 500kb; This will help load them faster. All images should also have alt text or a written copy of an image on the website. The text conveys the relevance of the image if the image fails to load or if the user is visually impaired. Alt-text is also crucial for SEO ranking and for boosting UX.

So, don’t wait until there is a website error to analyze the effectiveness of your site. Go through these steps and make sure everything is working correctly from every end. Here at Frozen Fire, we want you to feel confident that your website is working properly. Contact us if you think you need some extra help with the troubleshooting process!



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