The Benefits of Paid Advertising on Social Media

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In today’s post-pandemic modern world, the easiest way to reach customers is through social media. As people continue to gravitate toward streaming, travel with more caution, and work in remote and hybrid environments, it is challenging to get a brand in front of a new customer. The benefits of paid ads on social media and across the digital spaces are becoming more prevalent than ever as the popularity of social platforms grows.

For businesses, it is critical to advertise where the target audience is. If the target is 18-35 years old, Instagram is the best platform. If the target is other businesses or professionals, try seeking out new business with boosted posts on LinkedIn. Regardless of the avenue, paid ads are a consistent, guaranteed way to increase your presence.

Benefits of Paid Ads on Social Media

Reaching Your Audience, Guaranteed

Paid ads provide instant brand visibility. By working to boost your presence within a social algorithm, paid ads will show up in the newsfeed, in stories, and even on direct message apps. To maximize your impressions and reach, it is critical to determine where the audience is most present and their behavioral patterns. Agencies like Frozen Fire can help with paid ad management and make the most of your campaign.

Fits Any Budget

One of the benefits of paid ads on social media is budget-friendliness! Generally, the belief is that boosted posts and advertisements are very costly for few results. This is a myth! Paid digital ads are one of the most flexible types of advertising because the budget can be $100 or $100,000, depending on what the business is comfortable with spending. Although small budgets can produce great results, remember to maintain reasonable expectations as bigger budgets often yield more impressive statistics.

Enhance Targeting

Another benefit of paid ads on social media is that they provide more audience insight than organic posting. With organic posting, it is easy to track impressions, clicks, and more, but with paid ads, it is easier to hone in on target preferences and behaviors. By setting audience parameters based on characteristics of past purchasers (look-a-like audience), you can enhance targeting and engage your ideal audience!

Retargeting is a key component of paid ads. Repeated views increase the likelihood of potential customers moving from consideration to action (purchase, phone call, email sign up, etc.). Retargeting collects audience data and uses a similar ad or new campaign to target already engaged customers. Engagement can be with previous campaigns, social posts, or company profiles. Previous interactions show interest in the brand and help target customers who are more likely to take action.

Access Users 24/7

With traditional advertising, such as billboards or commercials, the customer must be watching at the right moment to retain information. One of the most important benefits of paid ads on social media is business access to platform users 24/7. Social platforms are in use every minute of every day across the globe. Thousands, if not millions, of people, are constantly refreshing their feeds, liking pictures, or sharing a video with friends. Social media is one of the top mediums for consumer engagement, especially for Millennials and Gen Z.

Gather Insights About Your Market

Paid ads offer great insights into a market and audience. When you work with an agency to manage your ads, these insights can generate results. At Frozen Fire, we take the analytics produced by paid ad campaigns and utilize them to tweak audiences, budget allocation, remarketing, and creative components to build strong campaigns.

Connect with Frozen Fire

When it comes to the benefits of paid ads on social media, we can create campaigns that maximize your budget and reach your goals. The Frozen Fire five-step process aims to help brands get found, look good, engage the target audience, nurture relationships, and analyze data to increase business. Connect with us to learn more about our paid ad management services and the benefits we can offer your business.



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