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Tourism marketing can be tricky business for cities and industries, but there’s no need to worry if you have the right team and the right mindset. Because your relevant target audience is… well, the whole world, utilizing digital tourism marketing strategies allows you to have a larger reach.  The combination of a great website and active, engaging social media content creates a unique online presence for your city or business.

Strategically Using Your Website

So, where does it all start? The hub of your digital tourism marketing efforts is your website. The key to a successful website is having (a) great content that is properly optimized for search engines and relevant to your audience, (b) an aesthetically pleasing design that is unique, and (c) easy-to-navigate flow and functionalities. A general rule of thumb for any industry’s marketing efforts is to create an effective strategy that targets your desired audience – tourists.

Market Your Town to Tourists with Frozen Fire!

Frozen Fire has experience working in tourism marketing with This IS Idaho Springs, creating a unique and well-branded website that actually works. All of their content is created to target strategic keywords that have high search volumes, which in turn increases website traffic.  This IS Idaho Springs ranks in search results for the name of the town, activities related to the town, and local businesses. When potential tourists google Idaho Springs and various activities and businesses in the area, This IS Idaho Springs shows up in search results as a resource for them to use as they plan their travels.

Creating Engaging Social Media Profiles

To utilize digital marketing for tourism effectively, having other avenues that link back to your website is a must. Social media creates a space where you can interact with your audience, regardless of their physical location. Similar to the content on the website, you’ll need to post relevant information and highlight interesting places and activities in your city.

Tourism Marketing Includes Great Imagery for Your Website & Social Media

For our work with This IS Idaho Springs, posting frequently and maintaining up-to-date content is key. Finding out what potential tourists want to see is the first step. Then, simply provide them with the information and interact with them – ask and answer questions and encourage people to interact with each other. This type of tourism marketing will expand your reach by growing your profiles and leading back to the hub – your website.

Tourism Marketing for the New Age

Everything in digital marketing works together. Content – both visual and written – is a big element of success, especially when marketing to tourists. What they see of your city or business online is likely all that they’re going to see until they arrive. You’d better make it count. Frozen Fire can help you stand out as the destination.  Want to learn how? Let’s talk.



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