The Importance of a Website Maintenance Plan

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Website health is one of the fundamental components of a strong marketing strategy. Performing monthly website maintenance can help your site rank on Google and grow your online presence, as well as protect against security breaches, broken links, and much more. Diagnosing your website’s health can help you know which areas to improve to elevate the overall user experience on your site. Learn about our steps to a website maintenance plan and how it can help improve your website health and online presence.

Checking Overall Health  

When a search engine indexes your website, one of the ways it will determine if your site is user-friendly is through website health. Your website health is determined by several key factors: speed, optimization, and mobile-friendliness.

Speed and Optimization

The speed of your website is affected by components such as image size, plugins, and overall content. A massive website with multiple gigabits of images built on plugins will have poor health. At Frozen Fire, our monthly website maintenance plan includes optimizing images to be less than 1MB when possible and cleaning the backend to decrease clutter. Our optimization strategy creates a more user-friendly experience because the site loads faster and is easy to navigate. 

Mobile Friendliness

Another crucial component of a website maintenance plan is optimizing for mobile friendliness. In today’s world, audiences are unlikely to find a website that isn’t mobile-friendly. In 2021, over 54% of all website traffic was through a mobile device. At Frozen Fire, when we build or rework an existing site, our goal is to code every page to be mobile-friendly. This way, if a user searches for a keyword through their mobile device, our clients are more likely to rank in the search results because Google has deemed the site mobile-friendly and therefore prioritizes the ranking.

Security and Errors

Every website is susceptible to security issues, malware, and internal errors. Things like broken links, outdated software, and lack of protection can decrease the performance and usability of your website. At Frozen Fire, our monthly website maintenance plan includes testing and updating the website, including every submission form, to ensure the website is running at peak performance.


Every website must have an updated backup in storage should the site crash. A full, up-to-date copy of your website can help get your site back up and running quicker than having to recover pieces individually. Backups are also important when installing new versions of server software. At Frozen Fire, many of our client’s websites are in the WordPress CMS and managed through GoDaddy domains. Whenever there is a major WordPress update, we ensure a full backup is ready before the update begins. This allows us to restore the previous version quickly should the update result in bugs or unforeseen errors.

Develop a Website Maintenance Plan with Frozen Fire

At Frozen Fire, part of our full-service offerings include building and maintaining websites. Whether your site is built from a template or is custom coded, we can help you optimize and maintain it. A monthly website maintenance plan improves your site experience and helps your target audience find you. This will ultimately increase the longevity of your site and protect your investment. Contact us today to learn more about our services! 



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