5 Social Media Etiquette Tips


5 Social Media Etiquette Tips

Social media is a powerful tool for brands, but it is also an effective means of networking and communications among individuals.

There are more than 1.2 billion users on Facebook, 277 million on LinkedIn and 243 million Twitter users. Users’ activity levels vary on all platforms: some people use social media on a daily basis, while others rarely check into their social profiles. Many people on social media use their profiles politely and effectively, while others abuse the privileges of free, open instant communication.

We can gather quite a bit of information from an individuals’ social media profile. Details such as where they work, relationship status and even a person’s moral values are made available through content posted on social media. What does your profile say about you?

Business professionals should be particularly conscious of how they use social media and what message their social media profiles present.

  1. Use a Different Profile or Account for Your Personal Connections.

    Do not use your business pages or profiles for personal connections. Keep your profile description professional, even on your personal Facebook and Twitter profiles. Consider your social media profiles an extension of your résumé. Remember, no matter your privacy settings, nothing is truly private. If you don’t want your boss, current or potential clients to see it, don’t post it.

  2. Do Not Use Apps or Play games that Send Automatic Posts or Requests to Your Friends and Connections.

    No matter how badly you need those extra “points” for the latest online game craze, do not send out invitations to friends and connections to play games.

  3. Conduct a Periodic Sweep of Your Personal Profiles.

    Look through your lists of friends, pages you like and people/brands you follow. Consider “unfriending” or “unfollowing” people or pages that might have a negative impact on your professional appearance. Look at photos and posts you are tagged in and un-tag yourself in any that do not present you in a professional or positive light.

  4. Grammar and Spell Check Your Tweets and Status Updates Before You Post Them.

    If you catch an error, take advantage of Facebook’s “edit post” option to make a correction.

  5. Be Trustworthy and Authentic.

    Consider how you would behave in face-to-face relationships. If you wouldn’t make a particular statement or comment in a face-to-face setting, why would you post it online?

There is nothing wrong with using social media for personal reasons, such as keeping up with family and friends, catching up on news and entertainment, but keep in mind that everything you do online, including on social media networks, is part of your “digital footprint.” Nothing can ever be permanently erased, so be wise in how you use social media, both for your benefit and for the edification of your friends and online connections.

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