Six Reasons You Need a Facebook Business Page

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Does My Business Need a Facebook Page?

Facebook business pages have been around long enough that most business owners are aware of their existence. Some have created a business page but fail to keep up with it daily, while other businesses are actively engaging their desired audiences and generating new leads through their Facebook business page.

Facebook offers a number of benefits to businesses; some are obvious, while other benefits you may not have previously considered.

Six Reasons You Need a Facebook Business Page

  1. Engage with Customers and Potential Customers.

    Every Facebook user who likes your page is a lead for your business. You must maintain a balance between quantity of likes and quality of likes. Don’t fall for gimmicks to boost your page likes. Put a strategy in place to generate quality likes.

  2. Grab Valuable Insights About Your Audience that Can Help Shape Future Messaging.

    Facebook’s free insights provide data on your page fans based on demographics, location and even by what time the majority of your fans are online. Use these analytics to continuously revise your messaging strategy to be most effective.

  3. Boost SEO with Keywords in Page Title and Description.

    Search engines will index your page based on keywords used, so take the time to complete the full description of your business page. In addition to improving SEO on search engines such as Google and Bing, Facebook has its own unique search engine, called Graph Search. This feature allows users to search for personalized results. For example, a user might search “website design companies Dallas,” or for even more personalized results, they might search “website design companies in Dallas my friends have worked with.” If your page has active engagement and users are checking in and sharing reviews, your business is more likely to get found by Graph Search.

  4. Drive Traffic to Your Website by Reaching Out to Facebook’s Billion+ Users.

    By creating valuable, shareable content, people who like your page will be more likely to share your page and your content with their friends. Every like, comment or share of one of your posts boosts visibility in Facebook users’ newsfeeds.

  5. Earn Word-of-Mouth Referrals.

    One important element of small business growth has always been word-of-mouth referrals. That fact hasn’t changed, but those referrals and recommendations don’t solely occur in face-to-face interactions. In 2014, referrals happen online through social interactions. A Facebook page for your business provides a platform for both peers and customers to offer their network referrals and recommendations to your business.

  6. Get Discovered by Facebook Users Who Are in Your Area.

    Facebook Nearby is a local search tool that allows users to search for specific places and businesses near their current location. Users can also use Facebook Nearby to view local businesses near them on a map and even get directions to a business on their smartphone.

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