Market Research & Your Corporate Messaging Strategy

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Market Research and Your Messaging Strategy

Market research is the process that determines what the triggers are in a person’s brain that influence the individual’s decision-making process. These triggers initiate intrigue and establish belief in a brand, service, or product.

Market research isn’t simply a “nice to have” component of a marketing strategy. It is an essential piece of the puzzle. Market research provides an in-depth understanding of the purchasing and decision-making behavior of the customer or client. The results of market research are the foundation that shapes brand’s marketing messaging strategy.

Market research is a term that describes a number of research strategies and tactics, including gathering:

  • Insights from your target market derived from: focus group research, face-to-face interviews, web surveys and phone-based research using neuromarketing techniques.
  • Competitive analysis looking at the different ways your competitors are attracting customers and how they are driving traffic to their online platforms.

Importance of Market Research When Creating a Messaging Strategy

Every one of your brand’s marketing messages should be constructed around the triggers identified through market research. Every employee should be educated and trained on specifically how to communicate with customers and potential customers in a manner that encourages the customer to take the next step in the sales process.

And every message — whether it appears on your website, blog, social media, emails, or through video — must be consistent. It is the consistency of the messaging that builds trust with your customer.

Only after you have used market research to determine the triggers for your customer and potential customer, and you understand the competitive environment should you create your corporate messaging strategy. Determine the message you want to convey and how you will get that message out to your employees, customers and others. The message should be consistent and transparent across all media channels and platform.

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