Google My Business: Without an Address

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If you are reading this article, you are likely a business owner without a physical location. This could mean that you are a traveling service provider or that your business is solely online. Without a physical location, it leaves us pondering, “how can I Google my business without an address?”

Google My Business Without Address:

Follow these simple instructions below on how you can set up your business on Google without an address:

Start by going to Google for Small Business. Here you will find a variety of plans, but if you want to start simple, you can choose to “Claim my free profile.” From here, you will click “Manage now.” It is vital to make sure that you are logged into an appropriate Google account before you continue. You likely don’t want it attached to your personal account. If you don’t already have a Google account for your business, you can create one before getting started.

Next, you will write in your business name. If you are brand-new, there won’t be a listing for you yet, so you will add your business to Google. Following this, you will fill out the next questions. Do your best to fill them out completely, but remember that you can edit them later if need be.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Choose your business category.
    • If you can’t find your exact job, choose something similar.
  • It will ask if you want to add a location; choose no.
  • Fill in your service area.
    • If you have service areas, you should add them all. If you work online and serve customers all over the world, you can skip it.
  • Choose your region.
  • Fill in your contact details.
  • Choose to stay updated or not by receiving Google Small Business account updates.

Click Finish!

We aren’t done yet, though; we still have a few questions to go.

  • Fill out your mailing address.
    • It has to be a physical address; no post office boxes are allowed.
  • Choose to verify or not.
    • If you do not have a physical mailing address, you can choose to verify later
  • Add your business services
  • Add your business hours
  • Write your business descriptions
  • Add photos of your business, services, or products
  • Choose to advertise or not.

You will then be released to your small business manager page, where you can edit and add additional content that you may have skipped earlier.

That’s it! You no longer have to wonder, “how can I Google my business without an address?” and potential customers will now be able to find you easily. If you need help managing your business’ online presence, contact us today!



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