The Benefits of Backlinks

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As an upcoming or even an established business, you likely take great strides to share your site with as many people as possible. With more eyes on your site, there’s an increased likelihood that someone will make a purchase or inquire about your services. But, did you know that one of the best ways to get more people on your site is by utilizing backlinks? Today, we’ll share with you the benefits of backlinks and why they’re necessary to reaching a wider audience.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is simply when another website links to yours. Say, for instance, that you’re a restaurant owner. You write an in-depth blog for your website about the delicious gluten-free menu items that you offer. A food blogger wants to inform their readers about these tasty gluten-free options, so they include a link to your blog on their website, likely with a note to readers telling them to read your article for more information.

That’s all well and good, but you’re probably wondering how that helps the restaurant owner. Read on to see some benefits of backlinks like this one!

The Benefits of Backlinks

  • Improve SEO

When another site backlinks to your site, they’re essentially telling search engines that you’re a reliable, trustworthy, and informative site. When the search engine ranks your website, it takes backlinks into consideration to determine your placement in searches. Therefore, more backlinks result in better rankings.

  • Increase Traffic

Let’s look back to the example above. Every person who reads the food blogger’s website has the opportunity to click on the restaurant site. If they want to learn more about the restaurant’s food, they will click on the backlink, thus increasing the restaurant’s website traffic.

  • Build Up Endorsements

One of the best benefits of backlinks is that they provide reliable endorsements. Professional, high-quality websites will not link to an outside source they don’t trust. When backlinking, websites are giving their endorsement and approval of the content they are linking to. Plus, not only are they providing their endorsement, but they’re also forming a connection between the two websites that could lead to a long-standing business bond later on.

  • Establish Credibility

As your SEO improves, your traffic increases and you get more and more backlinks. This helps you achieve another one of the prime benefits of backlinking: credibility. People trust brands that they recognize. So, the more your brand gets out there, is talked about, and is linked to as a reliable source, the better your reputation is. Again, let’s take a look at that food blogger who shared the restaurant’s gluten-free items. With the food blogger promoting them, the restaurant may be considered as a leading expert on local gluten-free items, and anyone who has food allergies but wants to go out to eat will know to trust their word.

  • Promote Products/Services (For Free!)

Lastly, one of the financial benefits of backlinks is that they’re essentially free advertisements! You not only establish credibility, but you also communicate with your customers without the cost of traditional advertising when including backlinks in your strategy.

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