Get the Most Out of Social Media for Your Brand


4 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Social Media

There are plenty of businesses who are using social media, but not getting any traction out of their efforts. Are you one of them?

If you’re using social media to communicate with customers and find new leads, but just aren’t getting anywhere, it may be that you are lacking one (or more) of these key ingredients to social media success.

1. Strategy

Before you do anything on social media, be sure you have a solid messaging strategy in place. Your social media strategy should be incorporated into your brand’s overall messaging strategy. What are your brand’s vision, mission and values? These factors will help determine your strategy for reaching new and existing customers through various communications channels, including social media.

2. Clear Message

In keeping with your strategy, social media messaging should be clear. What message are you trying to convey? Stay focused on that, and be quick to get to the point. Consistency is also key. Develop your brand’s voice and stick to it in all messaging.

3. Shareable Content

Photos and videos are shared 40 percent more on social media than any other form of content. While not every piece of content you share should be a photo or video, incorporate highly shareable content into your messaging as often as possible. Have you written a lengthy, statistics-heavy blog article that may be better shared as a visual infographic? Could you use an explainer video to get your point across better than text? Different people prefer to consume content in different ways, so you cannot neglect one form of content. Simply keep in mind the forms of content that are shared more often — the more your content is shared, the more your reach will expand.

4. Calls to Action

Social media is all about engagement, but sometimes your audience may not know how to engage with your brand. Include a clear call to action in your social media messaging. Need a few ideas? Set up a contest to encourage participation; ask fans to share photos or videos on your page; when posting about services or products offered, include an email address or phone number your audience can contact for more information. Shift your thinking from talking at your audience to talking to your audience. Invite fans to join you into a conversation.

What tips and tricks have you found to boost engagement on social media? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page.

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