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As one of Dallas’ top digital marketing agencies, Frozen Fire has the experience and expertise to deliver a complete strategy. Each custom strategy is backed by an array of services. Whether your business needs one specific service or chooses to take advantage of a number of our offerings within a monthly retainer, we work with clients to meet all of their marketing needs. Take a look at our comprehensive list of digital marketing services and see how we have helped businesses achieve success.

Digital Marketing Services:

Web Development – Websites are the central hub of a brand’s online presence. Make sure yours stands out with clever, creative content that communicates your brand story and offerings. The Internet is a main source of information for many, so, it’s important that your website is an accurate representation of what your business has to offer. Check out a few of the recent sites we’ve launched for some of our clients!

Video Production – Every brand has a story to be told. Tell that story with engaging video content, after all, wouldn’t you prefer to watch something than read it? We offer corporate video production services to help you get your message out to your target audiences. Check out some of our recent video work below!

Branding – Brand personality is what consumers connect to and build loyalty from. From logos to business cards, every brand is communicated through visuals and writing. Here’s a sneak peek of what goes into the branding and conceptualization process when you work with Frozen Fire:

Graphic Design – Good graphic design is a necessity to set your brand apart from the competition. Each marketing touchpoint should communicate your brand’s personality and purpose to the consumer in a memorable way. See below for a few examples of our recent graphic design work!

Copy Writing – The message your website, blog, social media posts, and any other marketing content sends is crucial. Copywriting establishes your brand’s voice and helps consumers build a relationship with the brand. Want to view some examples of quality writing? See below for a few blogs we’ve written for our clients.

Social Media – Social media is one of the most influential channels for connecting with desired target audiences. Developing a strategy that is relevant in conjunction with a set voice can help your business stand out. Check out some examples of the social media posts we have created for our clients that resonated with followers:

SEO – Search engine optimization and ranking high in Google can be difficult to achieve. When done correctly, SEO efforts can elevate website rankings within search engines like Google, in turn generating more visibility and higher rankings from customers like the example below.

Reputation Management – Before consumers choose to do business with a brand, they will read what others have to say and how a brand responds to that commentary. Frozen Fire helps our clients with reputation management to maintain positive impressions and resolve negative interactions.

Email Marketing – To maintain a loyal customer base, relationships have to be nurtured. Email marketing allows brands to stay connected and incentivize consumers to continue doing business with the brand. Check out some of these eye-catching email designs we’ve created for our clients:

Analytics – Digital communication is not one-sided. While talking with consumers is vital, a brand must listen in response. Using analytics to track data and gather insights provides a picture of how a brand is faring in the digital landscape and helps us to improve future strategy.

Paid Ad Management – Like SEO, paid ad management can help a brand break through a saturated market. Elevating search results on platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, or any combination, can produce great ROI. Here are a few Facebook paid ad examples we created for one of our clients who was looking to connect with their target audience:

E-Commerce – Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular as many consumers prefer to shop on their smart devices from the comfort of their homes. An e-commerce platform creates a more flexible and accessible online presence for the consumer and brand alike. Check out a few examples below of how Frozen Fire implemented online ordering and shopping for our clients:

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