Five Tips to Rank Higher on Apple Maps Business

Get Found

Stay Up-To-Date

In the past, Apple Maps Business utilized common review and reservation apps like Yelp to collect data. Presently, they have introduced Apple Business Manager, which allows users to rate a business through the Maps app. Similar to other rating and review platforms, users will go elsewhere with the correct information displayed if the information is inaccurate. Important material like hours, contact information, photos and links should be accurate across all platforms. This will ensure that consumers have an accurate description of your business.

Keep Consistent

Always ensure you actively check your profile and update it as needed. Confirm your business hours, location and phone numbers as much as possible. Also, ensure you select business categories appropriate for your business and what you provide—the more specific, the higher chance you will rank. Consistency will improve your rankings!

Increase your Rankings

While it can be easier said than done, your reviews are crucial to ranking higher on Apple Maps Business. The theory is simple, the more people like your brand, the more exposure you will gain. Maps users commonly look for the best option available, so restaurants with a higher rating place first. 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal, word-of-mouth recommendations. Ensure you are encouraging customer reviews and leaving a lasting impression!

Optimize Keywords

If you want to appear in search results, you need to optimize keywords relevant to your business, product or service. If you use the right keywords, you can target your ideal demographic.

Pro Tip: Apple Maps Business pulls data directly from online review and reservation sites like Yelp; remember to use keywords when answering questions and replying to users!

Remove a Duplicated Listing

As a business owner, you want all your reviews and mentions to be in one place. A one-stop-shop for reviews is ideal when understanding the general population’s outlook on your brand. If you have a duplicate location for the same place, you may be getting reviews in two separate areas, ultimately decreasing your chances of ranking higher. It also can be confusing for customers to know and fully understand which one is correct. Be proactive and look for any discrepancies in your Apple Maps Business.

We get it; owning/running a business can be tricky. With all of these new apps, websites, tools and widgets emerging every day, you may be missing out on some potential business opportunities. Just remember, keep up to date and remain consistent. Businesses that manage to adapt to this ever-changing environment will be the most successful!

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