The Future of AI in Digital Marketing

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The introduction of Chat GPT and other AI programs has sparked conversation regarding the future of AI in digital marketing and other industries. AI was created for the purpose of simulating human intelligence in order to automate certain tasks; the application is far-reaching, but we’re still learning how to best utilize AI as a tool.

Digital marketing is a broad term for an entire industry filled with content creators, analysts, customer service representatives, and more. Implementing AI-powered tools can assist with these tasks in order to optimize the messaging and success of campaigns.

Content Intelligence

The biggest intrigue of AI is its ability to consistently learn from the endless scouring of the Internet. This means they are always up-to-date on the latest statistics, even allowing them to make predictions on future trends—this is considered content intelligence.

Content creators write headlines and copy, create advertisements, conduct keyword research, design intriguing graphics, and creatively position brands for conversions.

Utilizing AI throughout these pieces will streamline the creative process, generating topic inspiration and ensuring content accuracy with data-driven insights. Conversational AI can even take it to the next level, creating content using the correct language and tone for the brand.

Email marketing tactics are a great example: AI learns from historical data regarding what increases open rates and click rates, then personalizes content to suit target audiences. Outreach efforts may never get easier.

That being said, there are dangers to implementing such technologies, as it feeds confirmation bias and discourages individual research. Additionally, there have been issues throughout the testing process in which the AI learns from content with racial, misogynic and homophobic rhetoric, wrongly amplifying this discourse.

This is why the future of AI in digital marketing will never arise a full takeover. While AI is a powerful tool that will allow us to increase revenue while cutting down costs, human intervention will always be necessary to ensure the information utilized from the web is accurate and inclusive.

Customer Satisfaction & Predictive Tools

Another way in which AI serves as a digital marketing tool is through customer-facing response programs. Chatbots are already in use, holding real-time conversations to filter customers to the right representative and aid them during non-working hours.

As AI continues to learn from each interaction, customer personalization reigns through to provide actionable help. It also allows brands to better understand their customer, how customers interact with your platform or website, and how to optimize messaging and UX design based on feedback.

Not only can AI fix real-time issues, but they are always great tools for predicting upcoming trends, issues, and optimizations via predictive analytics. It can quickly sense when audiences are disengaging, notifying you when a new strategy is necessary to upkeep customer interest.

The predictive piece may be the most powerful tool here, as it serves a purpose humans cannot necessarily gauge ourselves. That being said, can the future of AI in digital marketing impact our decision-making freedom by over-utilizing prediction tools? AI is a powerful program with infinite possibilities, but we cannot lose our grip on reality by engaging with it.

Too Early to Tell: The Future of AI in Digital Marketing

While we can easily determine the best uses of AI within all categories of digital marketing, we cannot foresee how these applications will affect our future in the industry. It is simply too early to tell.

Regardless of your stance on the future of AI in digital marketing, it is here to stay. The Frozen Fire team of professionals is always adapting to meet current trends and optimize digital marketing on behalf of our clients. To learn more about how we can assist in your brand’s growth, connect with us! We look forward to working with you.



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