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Frozen Fire’s New Office

Since Frozen Fire began in 1999, we have experienced extraordinary growth in both our client base and our internal team. With that growth, we needed an office space that would accommodate our team and suit the culture of our company.

frozen fire officeOn December 1, 2013, we relocated to our new office space located in Republic Center in Downtown Dallas. Prior to moving in, we collaborated with commercial interior designer Sarah Pickard of the award-winning Pickard Design Studios, and our longtime client, bauhaus, whose reputation for excellence and superior modern furnishing is widely known and appreciated in Dallas’ Design District.

The Republic Center has a rich history in Dallas and is considered a legend among neighboring high-rise buildings downtown. It first opened on December 1, 1954, as Republic National Bank building — at that time it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi. In it’s first 50 years, additional buildings were added to Republic Center, including a 50-story tower and an eight-story structure connecting the two towers. To keep up with the times, Republic Center underwent a $75-million renovation. The redesign reflects both classic design, while representing the modern, forward-thinking flair Republic Center was known for.

We knew the classic, modern design was the perfect fit for our company, and the location puts us closer to many of our clients and provides us the opportunity to serve our clients more effectively. As we worked with Pickard and the bauhaus to design our new office space, we kept our focus on classic, modern design — because it reflects our culture as a company, but also because it stays true to the culture and atmosphere of Republic Center.

The Bauhaus design school in Germany (the school for which bauhaus in Dallas is named) married craftsmanship with fine arts, much in the same way that Frozen Fire combines classic marketing and business development traditions with modern digital strategies. The furniture pieces we selected from bauhaus are classic modern pieces that came out of the Bauhaus movement, reflect Republic Center’s classic modern design and accurately represent our company culture and mission.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of our favorite pieces.

Knoll Bertoia Barstools

Knoll Bertoia Barstools designed in 1952 by one of the master sculptures of the 20th century, Harry Bertoia.

Knoll Saarinen Executive Chairs are one of the most popular pieces sold by Knoll. They are the 1960 design of Eero Saarinen. 

Knoll Saarinen Executive Chairs are one of the most popular pieces sold by Knoll. The Saarinen Executive Chair is the 1960 design of Eero Saarinen.

Hightower Happy Sofa and Happy Chair

Hightower Happy Sofa and Happy Chair are both comfortable, modern pieces designed by Roger Persson in 2011.

Hightower Papa Chairs

Hightower Papa Chairs designed by Jonas Lindvall and first released in 2001.

Knoll Saarinen Pedestal Stools and Table Top

Knoll Saarinen Pedestal Stools and Table were designed by Eero Saarinen in the mid-1950s to address the “ugly, confusing, unrestful world” he observed underneath many tables and chairs.

It was by no mistake that we moved into our new office space on December 1, the 59th anniversary of Republic Center. We are pleased to be tenants in the iconic center in the heart of Dallas and look forward to the new opportunities we have to better serve our existing clients and to form relationships with new clients in Dallas and beyond.

Frozen Fire is a Dallas internet marketing and video production company that helps companies harness the most powerful aspect of modern marketing—the internet—to engage customers in memorable and meaningful ways. Ways that ignite sales and business growth. Contact us to learn how we can help your business.



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