How to Use SEO to Increase Traffic

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Wondering how to use SEO to increase traffic on your website? We can help you use Google’s algorithm to your advantage to get more eyes on your site! Travel bloggers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and giant firms all use SEO to improve their site traffic, strengthen their reputation and drive sales. Google’s algorithms have upgraded over time, becoming more complex than ever before. Today, we share with you our top three simple tips on how to use SEO to increase traffic.

Tip #1: Understand Google

Google is all-knowing. Just kidding! Google is a product of incredibly smart individuals who have taught it the basics of language. However, Google is still a computer that needs to take cues from you to determine what you are trying to do. To provide these cues, you must give Google structured data to demonstrate how your pages are designed and what content they include.

Essentially, if you want to know how to use SEO to increase traffic, it involves implementing Google friendly-coding techniques such as explaining images, headers, key phrases and data blocks. It’s imperative to integrate SEO best practices into quality content to drive users to your website. When you partner with a digital marketing agency like Frozen Fire, our team can help to manage the entire SEO process from content creation to SEO integration.  

Tip #2: Write Readable Text

To rank high in Google’s algorithms, you must write high-quality, easy-to-understand, original text. You need to follow the same principles you were taught in school, such as:

  • Providing an introduction and conclusion
  • Having multiple short paragraphs with smooth transitions
  • Following sentence flow and organizing paragraphs logically
  • Utilizing appropriate vocabulary for your audience

Tip #3: Optimize Your Writing

In the past, before Google’s numerous updates, writers thought the proper method on how to use SEO to increase traffic was to stuff keywords into their writing to optimize their content, but it wasn’t always readable. Today, Google’s algorithms will actually ding you for over-optimizing and overstuffing your blog with keywords. To properly optimize your text, you should:

  1. Analyze your audience to understand their vocabulary
  2. Perform a keyword search to find an appropriate keyword or phrase
  3. Utilize that keyword (as well as different tenses and synonyms) in a natural way no more than once per 100 words

You never want to sacrifice quality writing just to stuff in an extra keyword. Your text should always be natural and readable!

Get Help with Your SEO

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you may not have the time, energy or know how in performing keyword searches or examining coding structures. We understand and that’s why we’re here to help. Contact Frozen Fire today to see how we can help you achieve high-ranking SEO!



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