How Infographics Increase Engagement

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How Infographics Increase Engagement

If there’s one thing you need to know about infographics, it’s this: people love them. Infographics distill complicated information into an easily digestible format. And sometimes they simply add flavor to content that would otherwise be consumed just fine in text.

But the bottom line is that infographics are perhaps the most shared form of content on the Internet. Want to expand your reach? Create and share infographics. Want more engagement? Infographics.

The Power of Infographics in the Digital Space

We’ve said it before, but it also rings true when it comes to infographics: you must provide content to your audience in multiple ways: video, photo, written text … infographics. Provide the same information in multiple formats, and you allow your audience to choose how they consume the information.

The power of choice is a beautiful thing.

So What is an Infographic, Exactly?

An infographic takes data and information and presents it in a visually enticing way. Graphics quickly and clearly guide the reader through the message. It grabs the attention of the reader and engages them just long enough to convey the message.

An infographic is not simply a bar graph or pie chart. It is a well-planned, carefully designed piece of graphic art. Text should be kept to a minimum — let the graphics do the talking.

An infographic should be simple. You have only a few seconds to grab the attention of your audience and get your message across, so be careful about trying to include too much detail and/or too many images in one infographic

An infographic is shareable. It should be hosted on your website and presented in such a way (size, dimensions, etc.) that it is easy to read when viewed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Simple “share” buttons to encourage your audience to share it with their friends should also accompany it.

The impact and popularity of infographics has grown tremendously in recent years. Social media has dramatically simplified how content and information is shared. Infographics, like videos, can easily become viral content, when executed in just the right way.

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Stay tuned for our next blog: 5 Tips for Creating Effective Infographics

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