3 Reasons to Update Your Website During the COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus Business Tips / Digital Marketing Tips

Companies across the country have been making sweeping changes to the way they do business. Regardless of size or industry, the Coronavirus has affected every American and the business impacts will reach well into the future. Direct communication through your website is one of the best ways to keep your customers informed, happy and engaged with your brand. Below are three reasons to add a COVID-19 response to your website.


Your website is the one place that is accessible 24/7 in spite of social distancing. You can reach your entire customer base from your website. A working website is always open, always taking questions from clients and sharing vital information. Your company’s website can function as a centralized hub for all of your vital customer communication. If your customer needs a reminder about important information they can simply visit your site.

Clear Up Confusion

Confusion is everywhere. Customers often can’t tell if a business is still open or not. Even Facebook and Google are struggling to keep up with the many changes to business profiles. If you haven’t updated your site, customers may assume you are closed and may not reach out. A clear message on your site, cuts through confusion and re-assures customers. Your site message should clear up common questions including:

  • Are you open?
  • Do you have new hours?
  • How is your customer service affected?
  • Do you have new services or offers?
  • What actions are you implementing to keep your customers safe?

Attract Interest in New Services or Offers

Online meetings, shopping and even virtual conferences have become the new norm. What new tools, services and offers have you implemented? Keep your clients up to date. Let them know the best way to stay in touch and get insider information. Potential clients are spending more time than ever online. Keeping your site up to date helps you make sales in the short and long term. Tempt them with new offers and services. Stay in the forefront of their minds. Even if they can’t buy now. Your outreach efforts can pay off later. Companies that are rising to the occasion and offering creative services and deals are standing out.

Pro Tip: Incorporate Video into Your Website Update

Want to add a human-touch to your online message? Consider incorporating a video! Follow safe video production practices to record a member of the leadership team speaking calmly to your clients. Or create an engaging graphics video to help get your point across.


Update Your Website Today

Hopefully this article has inspired you to update your website. Don’t be intimidated by technology or messaging challenges. Frozen Fire is here to help you position your business now so you can benefit in the long term. Reach out to us with your questions and we will help you come up with digital solutions that fit your company’s specific COVID-19 challenges.



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