Who We Are

A lot of people ask us what Frozen Fire means. Sure, it may seem like a contradiction – an oxymoron, even. But we know it’s a keen metaphor for what we’re all about.

When clients reach out to us, their business may be doing ok, but their online presence has been neglected. It hasn’t kept pace with their business development or the competitive landscape. It has become frozen, static, void of color and flair. Most importantly, it no longer engages clients or prospects the way it should.

Since 2007, Frozen Fire has had one mission – to reignite your online presence, set it on fire and stoke the flames that drive prospects to your site and deliver highly qualified revenue.


That’s our mantra at Frozen Fire. We work in a friendly and collaborative manner with you and your team. Above everything, we value our relationships with the people who trust us to solve the business problems that keep them awake at night or away from their families. You won’t encounter big egos or a lot of marketing speak with us – just common sense and down-to-earth strategies designed to fit your business’ needs – along with honest, hard work to make them truly effective.


Here at Frozen Fire, we continuously seek new opportunities to do what we love, what we are excellent at, and what brings value to our clients. With offices in Texas and Colorado, Frozen Fire serves clients nationally.

Under the leadership of Brad Davis, CEO, Brandy Davis, CRO, and Barry Stephenson, COO, our quest for growth has been displayed again and again as we meet the marketing and communications needs associated with the business demands of a constantly changing world.

We attribute the success of our agency to the genius and hard work of our creative and passionate employees. We know that to attract and retain top talent we must always keep our employees engaged. Our Zone Model ensures employees have the opportunity to do what they do best, what they’re most passionate about, and to always have opportunities to grow into a specialized role. This means clients receive the most creative and engaging content to meet their business needs.

Learn more about our employees in their individual bios below.



    CEO and Chief Relationship Officer


    CEO and Chief Relationship Officer

    Brad and Brandy (husband/wife) run Frozen Fire. Brad and Brandy frequently travel between the Dallas and Denver offices to handle big-picture operations. As Barry stepped into his role as Chief Operating Officer, their passions grew towards restructuring the Frozen Fire team to become a more collaborative, efficient, and supportive unit.

    Brad’s greatest desire for the employees at Frozen Fire is to be living and working in “The Zone.” At Frozen Fire, we define “The Zone” as being in a place where you love what you do, you excel at what you do and you have an impact on what you do. The more time spent in these areas, the greater the job satisfaction will be and the greater service we will provide to our customers. Brad’s primary efforts are focused on culture and strategic growth.

    As Brandy also shares Brad’s desire to build a culture focused on the employees living in “The Zone,” you will find her consistently coaching, mentoring, and loving on her team. Brandy prides herself on being accessible. She will consistently challenge each member of the team to solve the problems utilizing the resources provided to them, including their co-workers. Brandy is a big believer that iron sharpens iron and each worker is responsible for sharpening their co-workers. However, if the team has a situation where further assistance is needed, you can count on Brandy to immediately be accessible, roll up her sleeves and work to find a resolution to the team’s problem.


    Chief Operating Officer


    Chief Operating Officer

    Working off his favorite saying: “Everything is logistics,” Barry is a proven leader in fields pertaining to operations, industrial engineering, logistics and client management/relations. He is a subject matter expert with an unparalleled vision of bringing confidence into the workplace.

    Barry has worked alongside Brad in multiple settings over the years, sharing his energy and passion for excellence. His problem-solving, results-oriented mindset allows for superior customer relationships to thrive, making him the perfect Chief Operating Officer at Frozen Fire. With the ability to analyze complex operations and pinpoint performance improvement areas, Barry maximizes efficiency throughout the cross-functional teams at Frozen Fire’s Dallas and Denver offices.


    Director Of Marketing


    Director Of Marketing

    James is a dynamic Marketing Executive, specializing in team leadership and catalyzing fresh growth in both existing and emerging markets. James found a passion for leadership early in his career, focusing on nurturing and supporting his teams, and helping drive aggressive sales through culture cultivation and staff advancement.

    Born and raised in Iowa, James learned quickly the benefits of the personal approach, and the necessity of considering the individual in every aspect of business. After moving to Colorado at the beginning of 2022 James now spends his time exploring the breathtaking outdoors in colorful Colorado, and working to exceed team and client expectations with Frozen Fire.


    Operations Manager


    Operations Manager

    Maggie has always possessed an edge for storytelling and communication, but it wasn’t until she was at university that it occurred to her she could pursue it as a career. A few courses, much refining and a great deal of writing later, Maggie graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in multimedia journalism and a spark for digital marketing and brand expression.

    Born and raised in Colorado, it was no question Maggie wanted to return to the mile high elevations to pursue her career. Luckily she found Frozen Fire, where she is able to kindle her passions for brand expression through storytelling because here every business’ story is told with passion and spark.


    Business Development Manager


    Business Development Manager

    Sterling Miller is a content creator, marketing guru and business development professional native to small-town America. Sterling moved to Denver just after turning 18 to study business management and film production. During his time at school, Sterling sharpened his skills in brand strategy while writing and producing short films that received accolades in film festivals and aired on PBS.

    After graduating, Sterling immediately went to work, creating commercial video content for high-profile clients such as UC Health and starting a successful wedding videography business. Years of trackable exceptionality led Sterling to join the Frozen Fire team, where he works to create continued value for business owners.


    Culture Cultivator


    Culture Cultivator

    Havana was exposed to marketing at a very early age. Following Brad and Brandy Davis’s footsteps, Havana is pursuing her career at Frozen Fire!

    Born in Dallas, Texas, Havana wanted a new experience and landed in Illinois and Wyoming for a year. After Havana’s family moved to Colorado, she continued chasing her career in digital marketing. Along with Account Managing, Havana is also key in making sure the culture at Frozen Fire is the best it can be for all employees. Havana’s love of people makes her perfect for this role.


    Strategy Consultant


    Strategy Consultant

    Tonya has a breadth of experience that she brings to Frozen Fire. With a proven record of achievement in leading strategic cross platform marketing initiatives, she understands the value of blending art and science. She is passionate about uncovering unique insight to drive smart, creative and results driven plans. Her role as a consultant is to nurture and grow the agency’s strategic capabilities to meet the modern marketing challenges in the digital age.




    A love for movies and storytelling is what drove Deisy to pursue a degree in filmmaking. “To see all the different aspects of film from writing and acting to camerawork and editing come together to tell one story is fascinating,” she states “and producing allows me to be part of it all.”  It wasn’t until her graduation from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in Radio/ TV/ Film and an internship in the industry that she realized impact could not only be done on the silver screen, but also with engaging video on your everyday devices.

    Helping businesses of all sizes boost their online presence with video has given her love for storytelling a brand new mission. Her experience in production including commercials, music videos, and even a few feature film credits gives her a creative edge in telling a company’s story. At Frozen Fire, she gets to apply her skillsets by developing video tools to support her clients’ marketing efforts. She loves getting to know new industries and people and looks forward to helping her clients get their message out to their audiences through video.

  • Awais Paracha

    Project Manager

    Awais Paracha

    Project Manager

    Awais was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Growing up, he always looked up to his dad who dedicated his life to providing his family with ease and comfort. His father inspired Awais to dream big with his passions and goals.

    After Moving to the US, Awais started working in retail as a customer services agent while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. During his time in retail, he fell in love with customer interactions, as each new customer had unique experiences and a story to tell. Through his studies, Awais realized that brands also have stories and that he could tell them using online digital tools to captivate audiences.

    He graduated from UTA in 2019 and began his career in digital marketing telling stories about brands, individuals and ideas.

    Awais now has several years of experience in Digital Marketing and Website Management. He has brought his skillset and experience, along with limitless imagination, over to Frozen Fire to fire up brand storytelling and take it to next level.


    Graphic Designer


    Graphic Designer

    Born and raised in North Carolina, Savannah graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in fine arts. At a young age, she always knew she wanted to be a designer and chased after her dreams to become a Graphic Designer. While moving from NC to Denver, a city she always dreamed of living in, she discovered Frozen Fire. When Savannah isn’t in front of a screen, she loves being outdoors and loves to hike, snowboard, and paddleboard.

    She enjoys challenge-seeking opportunities and is always looking for ways to think creatively outside of the box.


    Content Creator


    Content Creator

    Chicago-born, Denver-raised, with a sprinkle of the Oregon rain.

    Hannah’s roots inspire her work as a writer and creator; she is eager to continue growing and learning with every new path that she takes. The University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication was the first step to a career as a communications professional. Copywriting internships led to the director’s chair, allowing for teamwork and leadership to prosper early in her career.

    Engaged with her imagination, Hannah has always pursued ways to incorporate daydreaming into a profession. Creativity radiates into her work, which makes marketing content creation with Frozen Fire the perfect career path.


    Content Creator


    Content Creator

    Bronx-born and South Florida-raised, Nick is excited to see what all Dallas and more importantly, Frozen Fire has to offer.

    Nicholas “Nick” Cole has always had an eye for creativity. It didn’t matter the medium or style of art, whether drawing, painting or sculpting, Nick’s desire for creating has been with him throughout his life. Creativity is more than just a way for Nick to express himself and now as an adult, he can turn his passion into a career that not only helps but allows businesses to fulfill their creative desires as well.

    After graduating from the illustrious, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, Nick has been able to make a name for himself as a graphic and apparel designer. Through his love for design and content creation, Nick was able to teach his craft to inner-city youth, start his own vintage apparel business, its NCD, as well as launch his own freelance business to help startups throughout Florida. During his free time, Nick also enjoys working out and thrifting for cool vintage pieces. Now, as a Dallas resident, Nick is excited to be able to bring his talents to Frozen Fire!


    Senior Account Manager


    Senior Account Manager

    Athlete turned business professional, Katie Craig has sales and marketing in her blood with both mother and father being entrepreneurs. Katie was born and raised in Newport Beach, CA and moved to Colorado to play Division I collegiate volleyball at Colorado State University. Graduating top of her class with a Communications degree, Katie made her way to Denver to continue her journey in sales and marketing.

    Katie has a knack for brand marketing, a strong sales background and a love for people. With her athletic background, she boasts strength in teamwork and leadership. Katie firmly believes relationship building is made through empathy and trust, and her impact will ignite a fire in your business.


    Account Manager


    Account Manager

    San Diego born, DFW and KC raised. Daniel comes from the parents of two different backgrounds. His mother comes from the farms of Oklahoma and his father is a first-generation immigrant from France. Together, they taught Daniel the importance of working hard and creating strong relationships along the way which has shaped the way he approaches digital marketing and his career.

    Growing up Daniel loved staying active as he played 3 different sports and was involved in extracurricular activities. From an early age, he knew how to wear multiple hats at once. Daniel graduated from Baylor University where he received a degree in Marketing and French. He developed his love for digital marketing through courses and created a passion for meeting others by becoming a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Daniel is excited to join the Frozen Fire team and is ready to create unique experiences for people and bring smiles to everybody’s faces.


    Account Manager


    Account Manager

    As a native Mainer, Lauren grew up loving all things outdoors and adventure. Through her world travels, she has discovered a passion for living outside of her comfort zone and fostering authentic human connection.

    As a professional communicator, she aims to join the two and use her creative problem-solving skills to help others achieve their goals and build their brand.

    Lauren’s careful attention to detail and customer experience lead in every project she’s a part of.


    Director of Media


    Director of Media

    If it hadn’t been for some soul searching, Jordan may have been wearing a white coat and filling your prescriptions at CVS. While his parents thought being a pharmacist was a good career choice, Jordan knew he had to pursue his real loves—video and photography. The radio and film department at Texas A&M Commerce turned out to be a good fit. “I worked on the weekly news program,” he says. “I really enjoyed going out and getting stories.” An internship brought him to Frozen Fire and affirmed his career choice as a visual storyteller. “I like telling client stories because they don’t know how,” he admits. “I like to think about the meaning that needs to be conveyed, the purpose of the video, how it’s going to help them in the future. I like finding the perfect kind of music, the perfect shots.” Jordan was delighted when his skills and dedication earned him a full-time position with the company. With hundreds of productions now under his belt, he’s also become something of a social media savant, creating content for a variety of clients. ”When you come to Frozen Fire, you know that we’re going to do our best—whether it’s a video, photography shoot or social media campaign—to achieve your goals. We’re not just about making money. We’re about making money for you.”


    Motion Graphic Artist


    Motion Graphic Artist

    Wilson Hoang has known since as early as the 3rd grade that he had a future in the creative industry, especially when his teacher recommended to his parents that he enroll in the after school arts program. Later, in high school, Wilson fell in love with films and the production process. At the end of a movie, he would intently watch the credits, imagining one day his name added to the list. Excited to pursue his dream, Wilson went on to study film at UT-Arlington, where he found a pension for motion graphics. “If you wanted to film an airplane scene for a movie, you have to spend a lot on permits, crew, and actors. In motion graphics, you can create your own world. I realized how much power color, shape, movement, and texture could affect the viewer’s emotions.” During his senior year, Wilson interned at Frozen Fire. He calls it his first real world experience working in video production. “I saw professionalism and passion in the entire staff and knew one day I wanted to be a part of it.” After graduating university, Wilson worked at a TV station. It was there he learned more of the business and marketing side of the work, as opposed to production and content creation. “I gained so much experience working one-on-one with different companies and brands that all had different needs. There’s no greater feeling when the client finally watches the video you created for them and they love it.” Wilson has found his way back to Frozen Fire after many years. “To see how the company has grown since my intern days truly shows the passion it has for their clients’ success.”


    Video Production Intern


    Video Production Intern

    Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Matt Sandoval began his professional career in video production at the age of 17. After graduating high school, Matt started working towards his double major in Screenwriting and Directing at the Colorado Film School. His scripts and films have won awards at film festivals, and the Colorado Film School even submitted his work for nomination for Student BAFTA awards.
    With experience working in live broadcasting, wedding videography and scripted short films, Matt brings a unique and creative perspective to any project.



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