At Frozen Fire, we are skilled marketers, but we are also pragmatists. Down-to-earth, everyday folks who know results—not actions—speak louder than words. You don’t need a lot of marketing speak; you need flawless execution.

Think of us as the steel that strikes the flint. We’re here to ignite the spark that will create heat for your brand.

Whether you’re an entrepreneurial start-up, a small to mid-sized business or a corporate giant, we make your brand burn brighter in the hearts and minds of consumers.

How do we do it? Through a tried-and-true five-step approach and customized services that deliver customers and revenue.

Stellar Results in Five Simple Steps

Any Boy Scout will tell you building a fire isn’t hard—but there’s a right way to do it. A process that’s been honed beginning with the caveman. We have a tried-and-true process we follow to kindle great results for your brand—get found, look good, engage, nurture, analyze.


If customers don’t know you exist, your business is dead in the water. You need to attract the right people, in the right place. With billions of online searches every day, it’s a challenge to be noticed. Whether it’s the Googlesphere, Twitterverse or Facebook fandom, we’ll increase your SEO visibility and make sure you’re connecting with the right audiences in the right geographic locations. We believe in web development with a purpose.


Looks matter. Like moths to the flame, consumers are drawn to brands that have an attractive visual style. Your online presence needs to communicate your brand’s personality, products and services with attention-grabbing graphic design and copy that is refreshed on a regular basis. Remember, your website is a dynamic communication tool. It needs new content to remain relevant with your core customers.


Okay, so potential customers have found your website. Now what? You have a nanosecond to persuade them to stay. What do you want them to do? How much information do they want? How can you make sure they find what they’re looking for? How can you encourage them to engage with you more often and longer? And here’s the million dollar question: How can you turn them from browsers into paying customers? We know how.


How do you keep customers interested in your brand beyond a great first impression? Creating brand loyalists isn’t a one-off challenge. Engaging the hearts and minds of your customers requires constant nurturing. Ongoing relationships are the foundation of every successful business, and you can’t afford to take them for granted. They require sincere effort beyond the annual holiday card if you want to capture repeat business and coveted referrals. We’ll help you show the love.


Taking a pulse check is important. It provides clarity about what’s working and what isn’t. While data is great, sometimes it’s overwhelming. We hold ourselves 100 percent accountable to our clients, and will give you all the metrics you need to feel comfortable with our tactics.



Web Development

Your website isn’t just a critical component of your brand presence—it is your digital sales rep. So your site has got to be more than staid graphics and copy. It’s got to be smart, intuitive, communicate the right information, and gather actionable insights about site visitors.

Building a great website and ensuring it’s optimized for maximum visibility isn’t rocket science, but it does require people who really know what they’re doing. Some of you have been burned badly by service providers who were clueless. Rest assured, with Frozen Fire you get straightforward, collaborative expertise without the drama.

We’ll build a site that really connects with your prospects. Through our process of analysis, we’ll help you monitor its performance, make appropriate tweaks, add fresh content when necessary, and deliver great ROI for your business.

A good sales rep understands your business, can speak about it with intelligence and is persuasive. A good sales rep never sleeps, never calls in sick, never has a bad attitude, isn’t annoying, doesn’t talk too much, makes a good impression and LISTENS to your clients and prospects. Define all the aspects of your perfect sales rep, and we will build it online—a digital sales rep that works hard for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Video Production

We live in a world driven by images and visual storytelling. Frozen Fire has helped countless businesses tell their unique stories. And we have the delighted customers to prove it! Whether you need a commercial about your products or services, an internal sales video, YouTube or viral video, a video to help optimize your website or videos to embed into your social media posts, we’ll deliver eye-catching productions that turn your brand into a star.

Graphic Design

Good design isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity in today’s competitive business environment. Across every touch point—digital and print—your marketing vehicles need to visually communicate your brand’s unique personality and style in a memorable way. Our talented graphic designers will work collaboratively with you to elevate your brand recognition and connect with your core audiences.


Whether it’s a headline, tagline, website content, an email campaign, brochure, blog or video script, a talented wordsmith can make your message resonate with your audience and drive response. Not only can our talented writers craft copy in a variety of styles and brand voices, they are excellent listeners, researchers and interviewers who know how to fit all the pieces together into a compelling brand story.


Search engine optimization is a buzz phrase that nearly everyone knows, but not many people really know how to pull it off. Today, SEO is the great divider. Done right, it will deliver traffic to your site in droves. Done wrong—or not done at all—your website will be a disappointment. Our SEO experts understand how to strategically elevate your website’s ranking with Google and all the search engines. Higher visibility means more traffic, which translates into greater profitability for your business.

Reputation Management

It is scary to think about how quickly your good name and reputation can be compromised in today’s digital universe. Whether it happens by accident or intentionally, it can cost you clients and revenue. Bad online reviews by disgruntled customers, inappropriate Tweets posted by the new company intern—these are just two examples of costly headaches that happen every day to companies just like yours. We’ve got your back. Our digital watchdogs keep a keen eye out for anything that can damage your valuable reputation.

Social Media

There is no denying the influence of social media. As tempting as it is to be part of the trend, successfully leveraging social media channels requires a clear strategy in order to get proper traction. An important part of that strategy is posting relevant, well-composed content that reflects the style and tone of your brand’s personality. Handing it off to an intern or admin who has other responsibilities has risks. Our social media experts will make sure your chosen social media outlets, messaging, frequency and reach enhance your market presence, not detract from it.

Email Marketing

Building brand loyalty and driving repeat business require constant nurturing. Email marketing allows you to stay connected with your customers—and delight them, as well. Whether it is a notice of a special sale or event, a members-only exclusive or a coupon offer; email lets your customers know you value their business while fostering goodwill that leads to repeat business and valuable referrals. Our email marketing specialists will help you make a great impression with your customers while delivering valuable ROI to your company.

Marketing Automation

Your digital vehicles should never be passive, one-way communicators. As your digital sales rep, your website should LISTEN—pay attention to the prospects who visit your site and gather insights about their preferences. By tracking their click-thrus, we can gather valuable intel that translates into an actionable marketing database. The same is true with email campaigns. When a prospect clicks on a link, it should not only serve up important content but also trigger an automated follow-up email to be sent days later. Automation allows you to keep fresh leads in your marketing funnel while always nurturing a positive relationship with prospects and customers.

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