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What makes a business stronger? Information. A full complement of measurement tools and sophisticated statistical analytics allow businesses to stay informed so that intelligent adjustments are made to optimize their resources and strengthen target relationships.


Optimization is the execution and management of the digital strategy. For our clients, this includes a 12-month timeline, budget, and of course the execution of the messaging strategy. Assessing the effectiveness of the digital marketing plan and messaging is a key aspect of the optimization process.

At Frozen Fire, we ensure that our clients’ communication and marketing strategies, messaging, and digital marketing plans remain current and relevant in the ever-changing digital information age. We provide on-going assessments and necessary adjustments, as well as proper accountability to ensure that the execution is meeting the goals set by our clients.

As technology changes and digital marketing trends shift, Frozen Fire’s optimization services ensure clients’ messaging and marketing efforts achieve their greatest results. We keep our clients’ communication efforts ahead of digital marketing trends, driving their business to get the maximum benefit and best utilization of the resources they have. We help our clients accomplish this through the following services.

Frozen Fire Optimization Services

  • Marketing automation
  • Tool selection
  • Tool management
  • Lead management
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Digital program management
  • Ongoing strategy and plan adjustment
  • Social media implementation and management
  • Demand generation
  • Proactive sales architecture design
  • Sales and marketing integration
  • Paid advertising management
  • Brand management

Dallas Digital Marketing | Multimedia Marketing | SEO Marketing

Once a company’s messaging strategy and messaging channels are in place along with the digital marketing plan and its implementation, the final step is to maximize it.