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BRAD DAVIS, Chief Executive Officer

Brad Davis is the owner and CEO at Frozen Fire. His 30-year career began with a 13-year stint at United Parcel Service. Since then, Davis has started and built five businesses. These have been business-to-business service models in four different industries in highly competitive markets. The success has been largely attributed to consistent focus on differentiating these businesses from the competitors and being on the front end of changes in the marketplace. Davis is leading the efforts for Frozen Fire to provide services to its clients that assist in providing a clear competitive advantage in today’s business climate.


MINDI LONG, Chief Relationship Officer

Mindi Long is a partner and chief relationship officer at Frozen Fire. Her career began with a five-year run in the logistics business for Dallas’ fastest growing, same-day delivery service for two of those years. As a member of the executive team, Long played multiple roles that positively impacted the business. Her commitment and expertise resulted in quarterly growth for every year she was with the company. At Frozen Fire, Long’s accessibility and proactive communicative approach has allowed the company to create long-lasting, impactful business relationships. Her commitment to exceeding customer expectations ensures the company remains customer-centric in all areas of the business.

Robyn SHort Frozen Fire Fire Director of Content

ROBYN SHORT, Director of Content

Robyn Short is the director of content at Frozen Fire. She has worked in content generation and management for over 15 years. With an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Auburn University and a Masters in Liberal Arts from Southern Methodist University, Robyn began her career in education designing high school curriculum in social studies and social sciences. She then worked as the editor-in-chief for a Dallas-based magazine publishing company before going on to found goodmedia communications, llc, a strategic branding and creative agency that specialized in book and magazine publishing; brand development and brand expression; and website design, website development, search engine optimization, customized blogs and social media. She is the founder of goodmedia press, an independent publishing company that’s focus is to create rich and actionable content with a focus on social justice issues. Robyn is an avid writer and blogger. She has written eight books and collaborated on numerous others. In 2013, Robyn Short and goodmedia communications merged with Frozen Fire where she works with clients to create strategic brand messaging that will optimize their engagement with current and potential clients.


GREG SPINDLER, Chief Strategy Officer

Greg Spindler is Chief Strategy Officer at Frozen Fire. Spindler began his 30-year career on the front line in sales and has spent the last 20 years in senior executive roles including marketing, business development, product management, channel development, operations, and software development at start-ups, mid-size and Fortune 100 companies. At Frozen Fire, Spindler is working with clients to address the dramatic changes in the market in regards to business development and attracting new customers. His multidisciplinary background provides Spindler with a unique view on digital business development in today’s environment.