A lot of people ask us what Frozen Fire means. Sure, it may seem like a contradiction—an oxymoron, even. But in our view, we know it’s a keen metaphor for what we’re all about.

When clients reach out to us, their business may be doing well, but their online presence has been neglected. It hasn’t kept pace with their business growth or the competitive landscape. It has become frozen, static, void of color and flair. Most importantly, it no longer engages clients or prospects the way it should.

Since 2007, Frozen Fire has had one mission—to reignite your online presence, set it on fire and stoke the flames that deliver highly qualified, revenue-driving prospects to your site.

Frozen Fire—Digital Marketing to Ignite Your Brand.




That’s our mantra at Frozen Fire. We realize that other digital marketing providers you’ve worked with in the past may have disappointed you. But we promise, that won’t be the case with Frozen Fire—and we have a lot of happy clients to prove it!

We work in a friendly and collaborative manner with you and your team. Above everything, we value our relationship with the people who entrust us to solve the business problems that keep them awake at night or away from their families. You won’t encounter big egos, or a lot of marketing speak with us—just common sense and down-to-earth strategies designed to fit your business—along with honest, hard work to make them truly effective.

We understand your pain points because we’ve walked a mile in your shoes. Our owner and CEO has been right where you’ve been-building his own businesses, differentiating them from competitors, and nurturing quarter-over-quarter profits using a tried-and-true approach he has honed during his 30-year career as a successful entrepreneur and business owner. His personal experience shapes the fundamental way we serve all of our clients—with their best interests at heart.


Brad Davis
Chief Executive Officer connect@frozenfire.com
O: 214.745.3456 D: 214.888.8811

Republic Center • 325 N. St. Paul St. • Suite 2010 • Dallas, TX 75201

Brad Davis

Chief Executive Officer

There are brand champions and business advocates—and then there’s Brad Davis. You may call it a fluke, serendipity even, but we don’t think it’s a mistake that Brad’s name is just one letter shy (“n”) of making him not only the brand champion of all time, but your business advocate.

His interest in your success is genuine. Why? Because he understands the tough challenges that face every business owner—he’s lived through them. “I’m not some guy who’s got a marketing degree and just talks,” Brad says. “I’m a business owner who’s felt the exact same pain points, had the same worries, solved the same problems. I’m one of them.”

Brad began his career with a 13-year stint at United Parcel Service when he was still in college. He made the most of his time there, eagerly learning about every aspect of the business as he moved up through the ranks of the company. But Brad is an entrepreneur at heart, so he left UPS to start his own courier service. With tenacity and common-sense business acumen, Brad was the catalyst for 10 consecutive years of quarter-over-quarter growth.

Since then he has successfully built four other companies—business-to-business service models in four different, highly competitive industries, including Frozen Fire. With each, Brad has focused on differentiating his businesses from the competitors and staying ahead of the curve on changes in the marketplace. With Frozen Fire, he loves helping other business owners optimize their success.

Brad Davis
Mindi Long
Chief Relationship Officer connect@frozenfire.com
O: 214.745.3456 D: 214.888.8818

Republic Center • 325 N. St. Paul St. • Suite 2010 • Dallas, TX 75201

Mindi Long

Chief Relationship Officer

Mindi will be the first to tell you that long-lasting relationships are very important to her—both in her professional and her private life. It’s a refreshing point of view in a fast-paced world where a growing number of things seem temporary. Brad Davis, Frozen Fire’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, was immediately struck by Mindi’s calm, capable and committed demeanor 14 years ago—and he hired her on the spot. Mindi has worked alongside Brad ever since. “We are a good team,” she admits. “My strengths compliment Brad’s.”

Over the years, Mindi has amassed a wealth of knowledge that has made her Frozen Fire’s go-to person—you know, the one who knows everything, has all the answers and often fills whatever gaps need to be filled.

Mindi’s relationship-centric approach is focused on Frozen Fire clients. A self-described overachiever and perfectionist, she is usually the first person clients and prospective clients have contact with when working with Frozen Fire. Ensuring Frozen Fire’s client relationships get off to a great start and overseeing the day to day operations and follows the flawless execution of each project. “I like to instill confidence in our clients. It’s important that they always know we will handle every aspect of their project with confidence and care,” she says.

Considering that she not only believes whole-heartedly that relationships grow stronger over time, but is a testament to it, Mindi is perfectly suited to her role as Chief Relationship Officer.

Mindi Long
Greg Spindler
Chief Strategy Officer connect@frozenfire.com
O: 214.745.3456 D: 214.888.8813 M: 214.734.5779

Republic Center • 325 N. St. Paul St. • Suite 2010 • Dallas, TX 75201

Greg Spindler

Chief Strategy Officer

When Greg says he understands the pain points business owners and executives feel, his empathy is the real deal—forged in the foxhole. During his thirty-year career, he has started more than one company, been a CEO, chief operating officer, VP of sales and VP of marketing of companies in many sectors. His scope of expertise includes oversight of large-scale overseas projects for multinational companies—including a three-year stint in Singapore with Nortel Networks where his solutions doubled the company’s sales in the Asia Pacific region within the first year.

His expertise, experience, savvy insights and solutions have earned him the moniker “the problem solver.” For the last five years, Greg has been focused on what he considers the most meaningful component of marketing today—branding, messaging and nurturing great corporate culture.

“Brand and culture are opposite sides of the same coin,” he explains. “Every facet of a company’s brand experience has to be on point—a well-optimized website and online presence, its social media, email marketing, face-to-face and phone interactions. It requires a holistic look at what needs to be done and then shaking up your marketing so it’s focused on selling in today’s market. I like to dive in, figure it out, and give clients a better insight into their future, along with the confidence to help them get there.”

Greg Spindler
Nikki Canga
Account Director connect@frozenfire.com
O: 214.745.3456 D: 214.888.8814

Republic Center • 325 N. St. Paul St. • Suite 2010 • Dallas, TX 75201

Nikki Canga

Account Director

Nikki’s natural curiosity and infectious personality have taken her on quite a career ride. Bridal fashion, Girl Scouts and stock car races don’t often end up in the same sentence, but they are all a part of Nikki’s diverse marketing and sales career. The best practices, strategies and tactics she’s learned from each industry, paired with her education at Texas State University make her a natural fit serving diverse and unique clients and understanding their needs.

Not one to accept the status quo, as retail sales director Nikki brought the Girl Scouts of Central Texas merchandise operations into the 21st century. She updated their post-it notes inventory system with an online point-of-sales system, launched their first e-commerce store and integrated with their social media presence. Her marketing and promotion ingenuity caught the attention of AM Digital Marketing, a motor sports marketing company. It was during her tenure as director of marketing there that she first met Brad Davis when she commissioned Frozen Fire for a graphic design project. When Nikki decided to change gears at the beginning of 2014, she reached out to Brad about opportunities at Frozen Fire. Twelve days after her interview, she moved to Dallas and hit the ground running with our clients immediately.

Today, Nikki loves collaborating with clients, developing strategies designed to improve their business and drive great results. “The other day we implemented a call-to-action strategy for a client. The creative is fun but what I truly enjoyed were the results,” Nikki says. “I saw somebody come to the site, click on the button and make the appointment—which turned into dollars for that client. I never thought closed-loop reporting could be so exciting.”

Nikki Canga
Liz LeGrande
Producer connect@frozenfire.com
O: 214.745.3456 D: 214.888.8815

Republic Center • 325 N. St. Paul St. • Suite 2010 • Dallas, TX 75201

Liz LeGrande


Liz made quite an impression when she interned at Frozen Fire during her last semester as a film student at SMU. In fact, she holds a distinct honor—the first intern to be hired as a full-time employee. “I graduated knowing I had a job, which was awesome,” she smiles. She’s been with Frozen Fire ever since.

While her creative flair and deft organizational skills make her a natural producer, she is equally flawless overseeing digital marketing projects, and putting her creative writing minor to good use crafting blogs and posting social media content for clients. Whether she is putting together the logistics for a shoot, casting talent, serving as the go-to person on set, making sure the edit comes together beautifully or writing copy, Liz always has the client’s best interest in mind.

“The most rewarding thing about working with clients is delivering a product that really fits their needs,” she admits. We don’t try to force our vision on our clients. When we’re producing something, we want it to be a great representation of our client—who they are, what their brand is and what they’re trying to achieve.

Liz is happy to be working alongside like-minded colleagues. “I enjoy how the team blends and works together. Somebody always has your back. We actually care about one another on a personal level in addition to working together—and I think that culture shows not only in our work, but the way we work with our clients.”

Liz LeGrande
Jordan Brooks Photographer/Video Editor connect@frozenfire.com
O: 214.745.3456 D: 214.888.8816

Republic Center • 325 N. St. Paul St. • Suite 2010 • Dallas, TX 75201

Jordan Brooks

Photographer/Video Editor

If it hadn’t been for some soul searching, Jordan may have been wearing a white coat and filling your prescriptions at CVS. While his parents thought being a pharmacist was a good career choice, Jordan knew he had to pursue his real loves—video and photography. The radio and film department at Texas A&M Commerce turned out to be a good fit. “I worked on the weekly news program,” he says. “I really enjoyed going out and getting stories.”

An internship brought him to Frozen Fire and affirmed his career choice as a visual storyteller. “I like telling client stories because they don’t know how,” he admits. “I like to think about the meaning that needs to be conveyed, the purpose of the video, how it’s going to help them in the future. I like finding the perfect kind of music, the perfect shots.”

Jordan was delighted when his skills and dedication earned him a full-time position with the company. With hundreds of productions now under his belt, he’s also become something of a social media savant, creating content for a variety of clients. ”When you come to Frozen Fire, you know that we’re going to do our best—whether it’s a video, photography shoot or social media campaign—to achieve your goals. We’re not just about making money. We’re about making money for you.”

Jordan Brooks
Trae Swayze Video Editor/Assistant Producer connect@frozenfire.com
O: 214.745.3456 D: 214.888.8816

Republic Center • 325 N. St. Paul St. • Suite 2010 • Dallas, TX 75201

Trae Swayze

Video Editor/Producer

Growing up as an only child, films were Trae’s best friends. “I always loved the epicness of film and its magic. I would reenact everything with my Batman action figures and dream,” he admits. “I ended up on a college film set one summer and fell in love with the process and the behind-the-scenes aspect of film.”

It’s no surprise that Trae ended up as a film major at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas. An internship brought him to Frozen Fire, and he frequently partnered with the company on projects while he ran his own freelance business following graduation in 2010.

He joined Frozen Fire full time in 2013. “I enjoy being able to express myself creatively—being able to work with a creative team and share the day with people who are also creative.”

Trae especially likes using his creative powers of persuasion to craft compelling stories for clients. “While I may not relate to a certain product itself, I do relate to emotions so I try to relate that emotion to the audience. I like making people feel a certain way with music and imagery—creating an experience. Suddenly, it’s not just a widget anymore, it’s big as life—it’s become something you really need or enjoy.”

“At Frozen Fire, we put a tremendous amount of effort into giving the client what they need—which means giving them what they want and stuff they didn’t even know they needed. We take them to a new level where it’s not just about money. I don’t like working for money. I like working to make a difference.”

Trae Swayze
Simon Fallavollita
Motion Graphic Artist connect@frozenfire.com
O: 214.745.3456 D: 214.888.8816

Republic Center • 325 N. St. Paul St. • Suite 2010 • Dallas, TX 75201

Simon Fallavollita

Motion Graphic Artist

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that Simon is a bit of a perfectionist. He sees the world as it is—then sets about making it look better through good design. He first began applying his keen visual style to Frozen Fire projects when he interned for the company while completing his film and video degree at UT Arlington. It’s no surprise that the relationship continued after he graduated.

Today, Simon is glad to have a professional home where he has the opportunity to be creative every day. “The Frozen Fire team is always open to new ideas,” he says. “They give me the opportunity to try new things. It doesn’t get boring—it’s different every day.”

Frozen Fire’s clients definitely benefit from Simon’s well-honed aesthetic. “When everything looks crisp and clean, it’s more visually attractive to your existing and prospective clients. Strong visual appeal can help your brand grow and be more successful. We know how to unify your brand across all its touchpoints—your website, videos and print pieces.”

Unlike other companies that rely heavily on templated solutions, that isn’t the case at Frozen Fire. “Nothing is ever cookie-cutter here,” he explains. “We come up with designs that companies can make their own. Our clients see that. It’s very rewarding when they are pleased with our work and come back and tell us they really like what we’ve done and don’t have any revisions.”

Yes, perfectionism can be very rewarding.

Simon Fallavollita
Pete Warren
Director of Operations connect@frozenfire.com
O: 214.745.3456 D: 214.888.8820

Republic Center • 325 N. St. Paul St. • Suite 2010 • Dallas, TX 75201

Pete Warren

Director of Operations

In another life, Pete may have been an air traffic controller. Fortunately for us, he left the skies to someone else and chose to help business take flight. His deft organizational and operational leadership helped build a Memphis-based start-up courier into a multimillion-dollar venture that was acquired by Dynamex, the North American transportation and logistics giants.

The acquisition of Dynamex inspired Pete to venture out on his own, launching the same-day, home delivery and assembly business—Vesta Home Delivery—and landing retail giant IKEA as his first customer. Pete first met Brad Davis when he commissioned Frozen Fire to make marketing and employee training videos for Vesta. “I was impressed that he really took the time to get to know Vesta and show us that he understood our business. He does that with every client.”

When Pete had enough of cold Canadian winters, Brad brought him on board at Frozen Fire. Pete enjoys his role as the go-to guru with insights about how to do things quicker, better and faster. “I’m a learner who likes to share info and foster collaboration between technical and non-technical people—both internally and with our clients.”

As a person who’s seen Frozen Fire through the lens of a client and now director of operations, Pete knows this collaboration is a differentiator. “I think it’s where many companies miss the boat,” he says. “Our solutions are customized to each client because we take the time to get to know them, go the extra mile and do things right.”

Pete Warren

GIVE 100%



Our community is filled with organizations that are sparks for positive change. Their passion and dedication burn so brightly; it is inspiring. That’s why we created the “Get Fired Up” campaign. We know the best way we can help make a difference is by giving our time, talent and skills to help their selfless outreach missions.

Once a month, we select an amazing nonprofit and produce a custom motion graphic video for them pro bono. This video helps fire up their clients, donors and volunteers.

Do you support a charitable organization that’s blazing a trail? Want to spread awareness and encourage more people to get behind the cause? Your group could be selected to receive the next “Get Fired Up” video.

It’s Easy to Apply!

Simply send us an email describing:

To be considered, your organization must be a 501 3(c), and you must submit a brief script (30 to 35 words) for your video along with your email application. The Frozen Fire team will review all applications and one nonprofit will be selected each month.

Organization must be a 501 3(c). All applicants will be reviewed by the Frozen Fire leadership team and one organization will be chosen each month.
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