Mcguiness-logoAs a respected, patient-centric dermatologist with a growing practice in North Texas, Michael McGuiness, M.D., is extremely busy. With the majority of his day devoted to caring for his patients, it’s not surprising that he had little time to focus on his online presence. While he knew a well-executed marketing plan is important—especially the components that foster an effective online presence—more than anything, he wanted his online presence to reflect who he is, what his dermatology practice stands for, and that he is a real advocate for his patients.

When Frozen Fire began discussions with Dr. McGuiness, he made it clear that he felt his existing online presence missed the mark on all accounts. He was working with one of our competitors and was completely dissatisfied with their lack of expertise and a flawed approach that could only be described as random, inconsistent and completely ineffective. Not only did their tactics fail to make an impact; they didn’t convey Dr. McGuiness’ passion for his patients—leaving the doctor with an online presence that he described as “soulless.”

Naturally, Dr. McGuiness was skeptical about engaging yet another company that claimed it could deliver the results he wanted. He had just paid to have his website redesigned, and the last thing he wanted to do was invest more precious time and dollars toward once again starting from scratch.

As a business owner, Frozen Fire's Chief Executive Officer Brad Davis really understood Dr. McGuiness’ perspective. Over lunch, Dr. McGuiness realized that Davis had actually “walked a mile in his shoes” and knew first-hand the real frustrations and pain points the dermatologist was experiencing. Most importantly, he was confident that Davis really listened and would convey the most important aspect of his brand message—patients come first at McGuiness Dermatology.



Dr. McGuiness’ frustration with his existing Dallas marketing company was fueled by a lack of accountability and vague answers his account rep gave him about metrics and results. To help him secure the information he needed to evaluate the true ROI of their tactics, Frozen Fire provided Dr. McGuiness with a tailored list of specific questions to ask his marketing provider about the services they were providing.

We worked closely with Dr. McGuiness to prepare him for what he should be able to expect in terms of their answers, helped him understand the company’s responses, apprised him of what he could expect from Frozen Fire in the same situation, and helped him address his dissatisfaction directly with his marketing provider.

Because Dr. McGuiness’ schedule is so demanding, the Frozen Fire team remained flexible and collaborated with the dermatologist in between patient appointments and after hours, as well. Our willingness to do so showed Dr. McGuiness that Frozen Fire’s clients come first, too. Throughout our early interactions, we began to learn everything we could about McGuiness Dermatology and its digital presence. Our scope of discovery was guided by the following questions:



Once all the data was collected, analyzed and presented to Dr. McGuiness for his feedback; we began to incorporate our findings into our five-step process:

Get Found
Look Good

After gaining a clear understanding of Dr. McGuiness’ vision and goals, we began to create a digital space that clearly reflected his personality and commitment to patients. Most importantly, we wanted patients to enjoy the same experience online that they have in person at McGuiness Dermatology. By doing so, we would not only create more digital traffic to his site, but boost new patient inquiries, too.

Working collaboratively with Dr. McGuiness, Frozen Fire carefully unified his brand image in a careful step-wise approach. First, we integrated newly refined brand elements into campaign tactics that were already in play. This approach allowed us to introduce the unified brand elements in a non-disruptive way while establishing a baseline from which to work. Once the baseline was established, finely focused campaign tactics aligned with Dr. McGuiness’ business goals were replaced with transitional campaign components.


In order to execute the strategy behind our fully integrated digital marketing program, we used a variety of tactics. Each tactic was designed to measure the effectiveness of our strategy and encompassed:

Web Development

From the beginning, Frozen Fire set out to build a site that not only reflects Dr. McGuiness, but a site that is informative, simple to use, and makes it easy for patients to book an appointment. Dr. McGuiness is very respectful of his patients’ time and understands that many people would rather send an email or book an appointment online rather than by phone. He challenged us to create a functional and educational site with built-in features that enhance convenience. In response, his new site allows patients to book an appointment from the site’s home screen and also download patient forms and other helpful resource information.

Graphic Design

Designing graphics that are consistent across all digital platforms creates a fully branded digital space for McGuiness Dermatology. Whether it is the website, a social media image, flyer or animated graphics, all of the pieces now work together to present a cohesive and professional image that increases brand recognition among patients and target audiences.


As we developed the website, we researched the best keywords, tags and URLs associated with dermatological conditions and programmed them into the site structure to elevate the website’s ranking on all search engines. These keywords are actively measured and adjusted on an ongoing basis to ensure we deliver the optimal performance. In addition, the content created for all digital platforms incorporates these keywords—generating high SEO value that enhances visibility for the practice and boosts the domain to the top of Google searches. We’ve also integrated a paid search campaign that targets a specific group of keywords.

Social Media

A full evaluation and inventory of McGuiness Dermatology’s social media presence allowed us to determine the best platforms to include in our marketing strategy. Each selected platform had to be consistently branded with images and messaging. Today, McGuiness Dermatology has fully branded social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.

Video Production

By incorporating video into our marketing strategy, we allow site visitors to get a real sense of Dr. McGuiness’ caring, reassuring manner before they even meet him in person. As medicine becomes more consumer focused, video gives prospective patients an advanced look at his compassionate personality and knowledgeable approach to dermatological care in a way that mere words in print simply can’t convey.


Much of the copy for the website is the result of collaboration between McGuiness Dermatology and Frozen Fire. This collaboration allowed Dr. McGuiness to provide factually accurate information about topics for which he is the expert while covering the hot topics he knows his patients want to be aware of. Frozen Fire then edited the copy to refine the brand message, added keywords to enhance search engine optimization (SEO), and repurposed the copy across multiple platforms to engage patients through different mediums.

Reputation Management

While 100 percent satisfaction can be elusive, Dr. McGuiness and Frozen Fire don’t shy away from making it our mutual goal. With Google+ reviews, Dr. McGuiness’ patients can tell the world about their great experience—which DOES and WILL lead to more patients. By adding online reviews to McGuiness Dermatology’s digital presence, we reinforce brand excellence and showcase the practice to prospective patients.


Michael McGuiness, M.D. has been a dermatologist in Plano, Texas, since 1996. Today, McGuiness Dermatology has five offices serving the DFW area. They offer the latest innovations in cosmetic and dermatological skin care treatments and procedures in beautiful, state-of-the-art professional offices. Dr. McGuiness and his staff take pride in providing the best dermatological service they can, whatever it may entail. They strive to listen, care, and be responsive, helping their patients make the right choices for optimal skin health and skin care.


Now that we have laid a solid foundation for McGuiness Dermatology to Get Found and Look Good, we will expand our strategy through ongoing collaboration with Dr. McGuiness and additional campaigns designed to Nurture and Engage. As we implement each campaign, we will measure and Analyze performance metrics to learn what works, what we should keep doing, and what tactics, if any, are not delivering the appropriate results.


A recent campaign featuring a paid social media ad supported a promotion designed to drive traffic to the site. Once patients arrived on the targeted landing page, they were encouraged to book their appointment right there on the page. With a conversion goal established at the onset of the campaign, we were able to track the campaigns conversion rate—allowing Dr. McGuiness to see exactly how his digital presence is impacting his business. Additional web analytics tools provide even more insights regarding the number of people who request appointments and the actual treatments they are most interested in. Dr. McGuiness is given an updated analytics report every month. Frozen Fire analytics are used as the jumping off point for future strategies.

Email Marketing

As part of our Nurture and Engage tactics, we are also integrating email marketing into some of our upcoming campaigns. Email marketing is an effective way for Dr. McGuiness to stay top-of-mind with his patients. Every email—designed to reflect McGuiness Dermatology’s brand—nurtures the relationship, engages recipients with valuable content, and drives traffic to the McGuiness Dermatology website and social media sites.

Marketing Automation

Digital marketing vehicles should never be passive, one-way communications. By tracking click-thrus, we can gather valuable insights that translate into an actionable marketing database. With automated email campaigns, readers can trigger follow-up emails by clicking on certain links. Automation allows Dr. McGuiness to easily nurture his relationship with current and future patients while running his business at the same time!


At Frozen Fire, we are honored that Dr. McGuiness has entrusted us with helping his business grow through modern marketing practices that are not only enhancing his digital presence, but actually helping him be more responsive to his valued patients. Are you dissatisfied with your online presence? Frozen Fire can ignite your brand.