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Nurture Customer Loyalty with Email Automation

Relationships can be tricky. They require attention, thoughtfulness and consistent behavior to nurture positive feelings—whether it’s a relationship with your Read more

Frozen Fire Internship Application

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Movin’ To The Top Of Google Search

Since 1999, Frozen Fire has had the opportunity to call so many great businesses our customers.  It is our desire that Read more

Email Marketing: How to Measure Success

You’ve spent the time composing the perfect email; created corresponding graphics or videos; checked and double-checked for any errors and Read more

Digital Holiday Cards for Business

Nurture relationships with clients this holiday season The holiday season is fast approaching. Businesses are beginning to consider different options Read more

Reading vs. Watching, the Impact of Video Marketing

By: Mindi Long In the seven years since I have stepped into the video production world, I have never grown Read more

Building A New Website Should Be A Positive Experience

Building your new website should result in a positive transformation for your business. Do what you say you are going Read more

Google Plus Reviews: Today’s Thank You Card

Our team truly loves making our customers happy.  We often receive thank you cards, emails, phone calls and online reviews Read more